Friday, May 29, 2009

New necklace...

Just recieved a new necklace in the mail that I ordered from (which I've recently become completely addicted to:) Etsy is an awesome website where people can sell their handmade mom is also addicted and has ordered several things from here, but this was my first order. I'm really excited to share it with you because #1 it's super cute, #2 it wasn't expensive, #3 once some of you check out etsy I won't be alone in my addiction:) Ha ha!!

Here is the necklace I ordered, it's a locket (it's a tarnished gold color - I thought I needed some gold colored jewelry since I always wear silver):But here is my favorite part - inside are two silhouette's of my little man!! I sent two pictures of Max and a sweet woman named Vana drew silhouette's based off the photo's!! The top one is just a side view of Max's face, the bottom is Max playing his little guitar. Isn't it sweet?It's hard to do any jewelry justice in photos, but you get the idea:) So pop over to etsy and check it out:)!!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

And Summer begins...

Today was the official end to the school year for me, and as I look toward tomorrow it seems wide open, full of possibilities! Max and I have no real plans set in stone...just spending time together soaking up the sun. There are alot of fun things I want to do with Max this summer - more details about all those things as the summer unfolds. I'm really excited - and I am not gonna take a minute of it for granted:)

Last weekend was Memorial Day weekend and we spent some time at the "Boat Club." We had so much fun roasting hot dogs, taking boat rides, fishing, riding rhinos, and making smores as the sun went down. All this leads me to this picture of my little man on the boat with his life jacket on:

As soon as I took this picture I started going thru this whole "symbolism" in my mind. In alot of ways, Max has acted as a life jacket in my life. Ok - I know it sounds crazy, but stick with me. My life reminds me of a boat ride in alot of ways...most of the time speeding along on calm water, almost taking my breath away as I look around at the beauty and breath in the sweet summer air. Sometimes there are waves, choppy water that slows you down a little. No big deal, just life throwing me some curve balls. But sometimes the boat sinks...which happened about a year ago for me. When you realize you can no longer stay afloat...water starts flooding in, problems grow huge and the water pulls you down. I couldn't breath, couldn't swim, felt helpless.

Max became a life jacket for me. He was the one that encouraged me to keep doggy-paddling, he lifted me up so that my face was above water. I knew that as long as I was his mother - I wasn't going to drown, I couldn't. He kept filling my soul with joy which allowed me to stay afloat. This little guy...this sweet, sweet boy was my life saver in many ways.

Don't get me wrong, the Lord has been my strength and my rock - but I know that he sent me an angel to help me thru it all. He sent me my son.

Here are a few more pictures I took over Memorial Day weekend that I just have to show you:

This is the life:)

Be looking for another post in the next couple of days about a CUTE necklace I ordered and want to share with you!! Have a great Thursday and Friday everyone!!

Monday, May 18, 2009

My kid knows Spanish?? Who knew??

It was another typical Sat. afternoon - the whole family was at Grandma GG's (Grandma Raber's) enjoying our weekly meal of mashed potatoes, noodles, ham, green beans, corn, homemade rolls, etc...(am I making you drool yet??)

Before everyone dug in we bowed our heads in prayer. Through the whole prayer I heard Max's little voice mumbling make believe words (just trying to be onrey!!!). When the prayer ended and I turned around to give my sweet angel the most stern look I could muster up - this is what he claimed:

"MOM, It was in Spanish!" with a look of pure innocence.

Everyone had to turn their heads and cover their mouths to keep from cracking up laughing. How in the world am I gonna handle this kid for the next 15 years? It would help if he wasn't so darn charming:)

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Made new...

On my way home tonight I heard a song on the Christian radio station that I've never heard before - I'm not sure what it's called or who sings it but this is what struck my heart - the first line in the chorus said "You make all things new..."

Here I am - broken by divorce, bruised by the lies and the harsh words...pulled apart by my feelings and my conscious. Finding it hard to trust, choosing to guard my heart. But HE MAKES ALL THINGS NEW!

He takes all of my brokeness, all of my trouble, all of my sin - and He washes it away. Completely clean, entirely healed - brand new.

He is such an amazing God and I am incredibly grateful tonight because He makes all things new!!!!!!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Springmill - May 2009

This weekend was so peaceful and relaxing that I don't want to ruin it with words. I'll just show you what my weekend consisted of...

It involved staying here:

Long walks...

New discoveries...

Breaking all the rules...

Learning more about nature...

Searching for the perfect rock to skip...

Lots of "mommy & me" time... Pausing for a few photos...

Creating lasting bonds...

I couldn't have dreamed up a more perfect Mother's Day weekend:)

Monday, May 4, 2009

Choose JOY

The sermon at church this past Sunday hit home for me (again!!:) I thought it was so crazy because Richard kept talking about how he had this whole other sermon planned...but God just kept laying it on his heart to preach about something else. I am just sooooo grateful to have someone like Richard leading the church because he follows his heart and what God is asking of him. Luckily - he decided to talk about choosing "joy" and not pessimism.

I've been really struggling lately with looking at the negative aspect of everything in my life. I've been worrying about how I'm gonna pay this huge bill I got for Max's ear surgery, but I've been forgetting to think about all the stuff I do have and how I've been able to pay all my bills on time by myself since G and I seperated.
I've also been tempted to lay all kinds of things out about G - just so I can say "See, this is why I made this decision," or "can you believe that?" or whatever. But why am I wanting to do that - what is my motive. I have to look close at my reasoning - and once I did I knew that it was just a selfish desire for people to relate to me. For people to sympathize...but instead I should be looking at all the positive going on!! I need to choose JOY...I just needed a little reminder from my Savior (cleverly disguised by Richards words in the sermon)!!

And don't get me wrong - there is ALOT of JOY to be savored in my life right now...I just forget that every once in awhile:) Here's to capturing the joy in your life - whether it be something huge or something small :) Here are just a few of the people who bring JOY to my life: