Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Don't look too close...

Don't look too close -
or you will see the wrinkles around my eyes...a clear sign of a mother's constant worry.

Don't look too close -
you might find bits & pieces of food caked in my hair, left by tiny fingers that tend to pull and tug.

Don't look too close -
you might see my rumpled clothes and pulled back hair... whatever I was able to pull together in 3 minutes tops.

Don't look too close -
you will find dirty dishes in the sink and a layer of dust on the shelf. You will see unmade beds and the trash cans overflowing.

Don't look too close -
you will probably see all the things I so desperately try to hide.

What you won't SEE...but I can FEEL are:
* a full heart
* a sense of peace among the choas
* arms that long to hold my little ones a few moments longer in the mornings
* hopes and dreams rolling around in my head that I will NEVER give up on
* eyes that watch with wonder all the blessings around me

Monday, October 15, 2012


Life is messy sometimes...
Moms get overwhelmed. 
Children get fevers and feel icky. 
Laundry piles up. 
Feelings get hurt. 
Friendships get neglected. 
Things just don't go your way. 

I'm just so thankful that we can rest in the knowledge that God is in control. It might not always be happy and good and perfect. It might not always be smiles and laughter. But we can find the good in all things. I am still ready "One Thousand Gifts," and still making my list. Here are a few I've written in my journal so far: 

11. The sound of my dad harvesting corn in a nearby field

19. Old quilts soft to the touch

35. An unexpected hand-written note from a friend. 

42. My grandpa's white beard

54. Warm socks on a cold day

63. Milk rings on the night stand

66. The promise of Heaven for a young life lost

I've been trying to see the blessing in all things...even things I used to call inconveniences or hardships. 

I also wanted to share some photos that Haylee from H.H. Photography took of Max and Callie. I thought they turned out very sweet and wanted to share: