Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Childhood friends...

Max has been going to the same babysitter since he was 3 months old. Now he is 5 and heading to kindergarten in August...but I hope he will always remember the friendships established at such an early age. Trinia Knepp is his babysitter - and I can't say enough about her and the way she has helped raise my little man. As a working mom, I have constantly worried about not being there for Max day in and day out, but I can honestly say Trinia has treated Max as one of her own. Max has found many, many friends at Trinia's. I have tried to get pictures here and there to share with him when he gets older, like one I snapped of him and a buddy Emma dressed as a little Amish couple (I didn't even recognize him when I got to Trinia's to pick him up)! The other day I happened to have my camera when I stopped to pick Max up, and all the kids were playing outside. I couldn't resist taking some snapshots for Max to look at when he gets older - because him and his friends will all be going to different schools in different towns. I hope they will reconnect one day and remember the "good old times." These kids are all so sweet and I know Max will really miss them when school starts!
Max, Landon, & Lydia in the sandbox

Max and best buddy Landon

Max and Lydia

Sweet Grant

I haven't shared any photos of our dog, Susie, since we got her several months ago. She has gone from little puppy to pretty huge in just a couple of months - her and Max are big buddies and will probably run around together all summer long!
I snapped this picture of Susie and our home as we were on a walk a couple of nights ago:) The weather change has made all the difference for me - I actually feel well enough to not be as whiny and even get my camera out and enjoy life a little:) By the way, one week from today we find out whether this little Swartzentruber baby is a boy or a girl - can't wait!!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Weekend Getaway

It's so nice to get away sometimes - and this past weekend we headed to Greenwood/Southport in order to cheer on our ND Cougars! We went ahead up on Friday night to spend the night at a hotel, eat out at Joe's Crab Shack, and swim in the indoor pool:) My parents and my in-laws came along too, so we had a big family weekend which was so much fun!

On Saturday we all headed to the mall, where I got my needed shopping fix:) Then we went to the game and cheered on the Cougars! Even though we ended up losing, we still had such a great time and it was so nice to "get away" for a short weekend trip!

Now it's Monday and back to reality...but if I survive this week, next week is Spring Break:)!!

Thursday, March 17, 2011


Tomorrow afternoon I will be walking into North Daviess Elementary School to sign my little man up for kindergarten. I really can't believe the time is already here - it can't be that the little tiny bundle I held in my arms 5 years ago is independent, strong, spunky, and ready for school. He already loves preschool and I'm not too worried about him transitioning into kindergarten, because he seems to really enjoy the school atmosphere and learning in general. Mommy will be much more upset about sending him then he will be about going. This weekend we are traveling to Southport to cheer on the Cougars in semi-state! Max is really excited about our Friday night stay in a hotel (where he will be able to swim)! It should be fun - I'm sure I will come home with lots of pictures to share.

One struggle we are having right now is keeping Max in his own bed at night. We have always kinda struggled with this, but it's gotten worse. Max has suddenly become extremely afraid of coyotes - which we can sometimes hear howling at night. He has heard Gabe talk about them, and then he also heard some at Nana and Papa's one night. He does go to sleep in his own bed as long as I'm laying down with him, but wakes up each night at around midnight and comes to our bed. When he climbs into our bed he wakes me and asks me questions, like "Can the coyotes get in our house, Mom?" or "Can the coyotes see in the windows?" Now he is terrified of the window in his room, so I promised to get him a curtain as soon as I go to Walmart next. If he just came in our bed and slept soundly - it would be no big deal. But he tosses, turns, kicks, etc.! This kid is a moving-machine while he sleeps! So in turn - Gabe and I get NO sleep:( O well, I keep telling myself that it won't last forever - soon Max will be 'too cool' to sleep with his mom and won't want to have anything to do with me. Right now I just need to cherish the cuddle time I can still steal with him:)

The pregnancy is going well right now - I am 18 weeks and feeling alot better than before. I won't say the sickness has completely gone away - but I am definantely improved. Although the Dr. says I still have not gained any weight, there is a definate 'baby bump' now and I'm feeling more hungry than before. The last few weeks I have been on a slushie kick - so everytime I pass a gas station or Dairy Queen I MUST stop and get a red slushie. Wierd - but it just seems to hit the spot:) Only two weeks until we find out if this Swartzentruber baby will be a boy or a girl - I'm excited to finally know and begin talking about names and buying pink or blue baby stuff!