Sunday, March 28, 2010


Can you tell Max and I are bored? It's Sunday evening and here is what we've found to entertain ourselves:

Hope your having an equally exciting night:)

Sunday, March 21, 2010

On to the most important

OK guys - thanks to you, I've now chosen my cake, flowers, and hair-do for our up-and-coming wedding!! Now on to the most important accessory - THE SHOES:) Are you up for another vote?

I've been going back and forth on this, but finally decided that you guys need to see my dress in order to pick out the's ok - Gabe has already seen this picture, too:) I'm sure I'll look completely different in the dress then this tall blond:) ha ha!! The only difference will be the bow at her waist, instead of ivory, mine will be a deep purple. Here is a sneak peak of my dress:

Now on to the vote:

Things are moving along with the house - we should be hearing from the bank and the builder TODAY or tomorrow. - after the bank appraises the land we can start digging the basement! Max asked me tonight if we would have a house in 8 days...ha ha - not quite! But I know it will be here before we know it - and I'm having so much fun right now picking out paint colors and shopping for things to decorate here and there. I will only go through this experience once, so I figure I might as well have fun doing it!!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

My heart is heavy...

I had one of those moments today when I felt like I got kicked in the gut. Literally got the wind knocked out of me from one single, still image. And it was this: This is Andrea and her little boy, Ethan. Today on Facebook I saw this photo posted by several of her friends, because tomorrow marks 1 year since Andrea went to Heaven to be with Jesus. I didn't know Andrea very well (only worked with her VERY briefly at Stage one summer), but I will tell you something that is the absolute truth.

She has changed my life.

When I saw Andrea fighting cancer with everything inside of her...she changed me.

When I saw Andrea's big smile and heard about her upbeat attitude...she changed me.

When I hear about things she did and said to her son and husband...she changes me.

When I realize that her strength and courage lives on in her family and friends...she changes me.

When people drop everything to participate in Relay for Life because it was such a huge deal for her...she changes me.

When I see this photograph and tears stream down my face for the woman she was...she changes me.

When I see Ethan playing basketball with his little sweatband on and I try to imagine how much he misses his Mommy...she changes me.

She changes me as a woman, as a daughter, as a mother, as a friend,as a believer. I don't know about you, but tonight I am going home and hugging Max to me with all of my might. I am going to kiss him and tell him that I love him so. I am going to savor every single second I have with him...and everyone else that is important to me. Because none of us ever know how long we have here on Earth - and I will be content even if I only leave a fraction of the impact that Andrea did on this world.

If you do nothing else tonight - please do this: stop and say a prayer for sweet Ethan. And always remember to take NOTHING for granted. Not one, single breathe.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Cute story I wanted to share:
Remember that last weekend was Max's last YMCA Bball game, and today a co-worker who also had a son on the team told me something so cute that her son said (hope she doesn't mind if I share:)!!

Her son, we'll call him "C", said: "Mom, I really like Max!"

His mom replied "Oh, good C!" (we both thought this was funny cause they rarely even talked).

Then C says: "Yes, Max is my wild friend!"

When she told me I just started cracking up laughing - if there are any words to describe my son, one would definantely be WILD:) So funny!

*Update on the wedding cake:
Ok, so you guys have to help me here - I'm still completely torn about the wedding cake!!!! The vote was sooooo close (8 vs. 9) that I just can't decide! If you haven't voted - go back to that post and vote -PLEASE:) I need more help!

Now on to the hair style for the wedding! Yeah!!!! I'm so excited! I've found several styles I like...just keep in mind that my dress is very vintage looking - maybe that will help on your decision:) Here we go - tell me which one you like best (I'm probably not wearing a veil):

#2 #3 #4

Thanks for the help, guys, I know you won't lead me astray and make me look awful on my wedding day:) ha ha!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Hodge Podge

Today I have a hodge-podge of things to share - hope you don't mind:)

Yesterday Max and I went to the dentist - it was Max's first visit. I was really nervous about how he would act, but he was just perfect and it opened my eyes to just how big he is getting. Growing's happening before my eyes and I can't stop it, even though I think I would if I could. But the young man he is growing up to be makes me a proud mama. Not sure how it's happening...but pretty sure it has not much to do with me and alot to do with my Savior:) We both left the dentist with smiles on our faces, new toothbrushes, and no cavities:)!!Here is a picture of my sweet boy at the dentist, it's from my phone so it is not great...Also, wanted to share some things Max has said lately:
1. The other day Max was in the bathroom washing his hands, and was talking up a storm...even though he was in there alone. His Uncle Clay yelled from the living room "Max, who are you talking to in there?" Without hesitation Max answered "God!" It made me smile and I asked "What are you talking to God about, Max?" He said "Just talking." I hope he continues to talk to God as he grows:)

2. My family and I were sitting at the kitchen table eating supper one evening when my dad asked Max if he had taken a nap at the babysitters (Trinia's). Max said that he had. My mom said "Do you cry, kick, and scream when Trinia makes you take a nap, like you do here?" Max put his hands on his hips and said very calmly "GUYS - Trinia doesn't know I act like that!"
Hmmm....I guess the fits only happen with mama:)

Ok - time for another vote! This time I need your help with deciding on a wedding cake. Obviously, it will be a small cake because the wedding is only family - but it comes in the wedding package so I thought I would pick a cute, little cake. Which do you like better?


or #3...(with only the top 2 layers)

Honest opinions - let me have it:) Thanks guys - you are all making this so much more fun than it already is:)!!