Sunday, August 25, 2013

New School year - 2013

My new adventure has begun - I am now a fifth grade teacher. It was so unexpected, but has went really well so far. I have a really great group of kids that are kind and attentive. As much as I was worried about it - and as overwhelming as the whole process was - God has been with me each and every step...guiding me and comforting me. Here are a few photos of my finished classroom - I worked so hard to make it warm and inviting for the kids - and they seem to really love it!

Max started 2nd grade the next week...He loves school and was really excited! He got Mrs. Byrer as a teacher, and there are lots of his buddies in his class. Uncle Clay still picks him up every morning and I just love the relationship these two have made! Clay is such a positive male role model for Max, and I'm thankful that Max has someone so amazing to look up to!    

Yesterday our sweet Nae-Nae left for U of E. We are so very excited for this new phase in her life...but also sad how fast the years have flown by. I remember holding her as a newborn baby...and now she's a college girl:) I texted with her today and she told me she is having a great time and loves her roommate! 

I hope everyone has a blessed school year!!!!

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Our baby turned 2!!

Dear Callie Catherine, 

Yesterday was your 2nd birthday...I never dreamed I would be watching my little blond-haired, blue-eyed, tutu-wearing girl blowing out candles on a birthday cake. My goodness - I never even thought I would have a little girl. 
You have been surprising me since the moment you made your debut into this world. 
The strength of the bond you have allowed us to form as a family of four still surprises me on a daily basis. 
How smart you are, how sassy, how spunky & full of moxie...that surprises me. 
Every morning when I walk into your room to wake you and you flash that smile at me and I realize I've just fallen a little bit more in love with you - that surprises me. 
And I can not wait to see how you will continue to surprise us each year you get older. Because of you, our sweet little surprise, our family is happy and complete. Love you, sweet baby girl!