Friday, October 28, 2011


So... things are good here. How could life not be good when I get to come home to this face:
And this one...

I mean really? Don't get me life is NOT perfect. Far from it. But in between the burnt dinners, the dirty dishes, the floors that need mopped, the poopy diapers and endless laundry - I get to love on these two. And they love me back without reservation. They grin at me and I melt. I am the luckiest woman in the world. 

Max is growing leaps and bounds since starting school - I can't believe how fast he is catching on to reading and writing sentences. Each night he spends several hours just writing and drawing...tonight he drew a picture and then was super excited to show Gabe and I. Here it is:

This is how he explained it to me..."Mom, there you are. And there is Dad (Gabe) and there is something really special for Gabe. I drew two apple trees that he planted. Then I put the date, Oct. 28th 2011 at the top."
Sigh...oh how I love this kid! He amazes me everyday. 
Ok, I'm gonna go now, so I can get back to this:

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Lark Ranch

Last night we headed to the Lark Ranch for some family fun - it really is a nice place that has something fun for everyone. Max didn't want to leave after we had been there for several hours...his favorite part was racing Gabe on the pedal go carts! Maybe a Christmas present idea:)

He was a little freaked out about the corn maze, because Gabe kept teasing him that we might not be able to find our way out and have to spend the night in the corn!

They had a huge slide that Max loved and it was super-slippery...

Callie even had a good time-she loves being outside and watching her big brother!

The weather was gorgeous...we all enjoyed the sunshine! I think it was a very successful trip:)

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


When September rolls around we are always excited for the birthday party of our September sweeties - Braylee & Brynna! This year Callie got to experience one of their parties for the first time, and we all had such a great time! It was a hula themed party - and the kids were all decked out:

 Max and Gabe - these two really stuck together since they were practically the only boys at the party!

Callie met a new friend, Liam - they were only born a couple weeks apart so it was interesting to see them interact!

 Here is the whole gang with their coconut cups - what a hit!!

 The next weekend was pretty laidback after so much partying the weekend before! Here are Gabe and Uncle Clay planting a new tree in our backyard. They spent all afternoon planting trees on the "Raber farm." Clay even planted a few around his new will be ready so soon - they are still working on painting the upstairs, and then read for cabinets and flooring! We are so excited to have Uncle Clay living just up the hill from us! Max has already ran (literally ran) up to his house several times.

While the men worked outside, Max played in his own little imaginary world in the living room while Callie snuck in a little nap. is so sweet.