Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Top Ten Lists

Top 10 things I LOVE about SUMMER...

#1 waking up each morning with absolutely no plans, and endless possibilities!

#2 venturing out from underneath the covers around 9 a.m.

#3 the smile that creeps up on me each time I slip my painted toenails into flip flops (especially with the cute little flower painted on my big toe)!

#4 getting squirted with water from a cute little boy with a water gun

#5 golden tans

#6 my biggest weakness - SCOOPS ice cream on a hot summer night

#7 spending the entire day snapping pictures of my little man running his legs off!


#9 carrying my book around and reading every chance I get

#10 mini-vacations where you can sit by the pool and drink frozen strawberry daquiris (my favorite:)!!!

Max's top 10 things HE LOVES about SUMMER...

#1 Breakfast at the Essen Haus with Papa Delbert

#2 Cartoons, cartoons, and more cartoons...

#3 Learning to swim

#4 following his Uncle Clay's every move:)

#5 Water gun figthts with pretty girls

#6 vanilla milk shakes on a hot, steamy day

#7 Hanging out with his buddy Nick and having water balloon fights

#8 rhino rides over to Mamaw and Papa GG's

#9 sipping Mt. Dew from Mommy's cup when she isn't looking

#10 Riding all the rides at the county fair

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Things change so quickly...

How can things change so quickly from the beautiful night we had last night on the water...
to the wicked storm we had this morning (me, max, and my dad sat and watched it blow around us). When the wind finally died down and we got brave enough to venture outside, here is what we found:
Max's poor crab sandbox smashed by trees:(
There were 4 trees down in our driveway (we were stuck):(

With the help of some amazing family members and wonderful friends, we had things realitively picked up by late afternoon. Max worked hard helping me pick up sticks (the yard was covered) - the manly men had chain saws cutting the huge trees into pieces so we could all move them, and I don't think I've ever sweat so much in my life! Not a pretty sight! I'm just so thankful that our home is still intacted and everyone is safe - God is so good!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Lead and I will follow...

Last night at 10 p.m. when most of us were snuggling up in bed with our loved ones, a small group of people were meeting at a local church to begin an exciting adventure together. Last night some sweet girls that I know left for Haiti on a mission trip! As Max and I were just pulling the covers around us, I glanced at the clock and told Max we needed to pray for these girls, because I knew they were leaving RIGHT THEN for their trip! They will travel several hours by car, hurry thru several airports, and venture into the unknown.
I can't tell you enough how proud I am of these girls. Last night as I laid in bed I thought about being their age again...I knew I would have never even thought about doing something so courageous! I STILL wouldn't take a trip like that - I truely struggle with letting go and following God wherever He leads me. I have so much fear inside - I want to be at home where I know I have a warm, comfy bed to sleep in every night. I'm super anxious about flying, I want to always know where I'm going and what it will be like. I am not as brave as these sweet girls. Or maybe I just need to push my fears aside and go where He leads me. It would take so much courage to get on a plane and go to a place you have never seen before - not knowing what to expect, what you will encounter, where you will sleep that night. I know that these girls will be a part of so many miracles this week - the Lord is going to use them to touch so many lives. Children will embrace them, woman will admire them, men will see their strength and courage...and lives will be changed forever.

Please keep this group in your prayers - just pray that God's plan is accomplished, that these sweet girls are safe, and everything unfolds smoothly during their trip. I admire this group of people so much, and they have inspired me to let go and let God:) Thanks girls!!

I also wanted to share a few pictures I took of a friend's little boy...I thought they turned out super sweet and I swear he could be a model:)!! Take a look at this incredible little boy:

Friday, June 12, 2009


It is Friday night and here I sit...not sure where the week went (it's flown by) and just hanging out - me and my little man. There are toys strung everywhere...and he's out on the porch yelling like a mad man (just to hear himself yell)!

Last weekend my sweet little cousin Jessica married her one-and-only, Nick. They are such a sweet couple, and I love them both very much. I spent the day snapping pictures, and the first part of my week photoshopping all those pictures:) The wedding went very smooth (I was the personal attendant), the deocrations were gorgeous, and the night ended with my little man dancing his heart out in the middle of the dance floor - with a huge crowd gathered around to watch!!

(He is so different from his mother:) I would rather get shot in the leg than dance in front of a big crowd!!)
Here are some of the cute pictures I got at the wedding:

So anyway - I've been busy with all these photos, then Thursday I babysat for Chas's kids (we had a great day!!) and today I enjoyed breakfast out with my family and then cleaned my grandma's house...so all of the sudden it's Sat. again! Wow! No big plans for the weekend - and I LOVE it:)!!
Hope everyone has an AMAZING weekend!!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

10 year reunion

My ten-year high school reunion is coming up this summer (you don't have to remind me that I'm getting super old!!) Last weekend I was sitting around with family discussing just how old I'm getting - and how I was excited to see all my classmates at our reunion. This turned to talking about the classmate and cousin that left us WAY too soon - his laughter and smile will be missed so much at our 10 year reunion.

If I could say anything about Brian, it would be that he was so full of life. I've known Brian for as long as I can remember...we grew up going to the same church and we are cousins (even though it's far down the line:) We made our "acting" debut together around age 5 when we were shepards in our church's Christmas play. We were both Odon Bulldogs - I was the cheerleader and he played basketball. I clearly remember a birthday party he had at his house (one of our first boy/girl parties) where we played a game of softball, then played hide-and-seek at night with flashlights. Everything was fun with Brian - he made everyone laugh and was the life of the party. He was always being sooooo silly - teasing everyone or mooning us when we least expected it. What a hoot!

We moved on in school to North Daviess - where Brian met the love of his life - Jen. They dated all thru school - and were voted "cutest couple" of our senior class. I remember our senior trip (to Turkey Run, I think?) and Brian canoeing - we all hiked the trails and met up for lunch. That day will always shine very bright among my memories.

After high school Brian and Jen got married - one of those perfect love stories that everyone envied. No one would have imagined what happened next...how Brian was taken away from us doing something he loved so much. No one expected that the hunting trip on the day after Christmas would be Brian's last. My heart broke on that day for all the guys on that hunting trip, for Jen who had just become a widow at a VERY young age, for Brian's parents who lost their sweet son, for the ND Class of '99 who just lost a classmate that they all adored, and for my own loss of a childhood friend.

Gabe and I decided after this long, heart-wrenching talk about Brian, to go on a 4wheeler ride to the cemetery right by my mom and dad's house to visit Brian's grave. On our way there - the sky turned this amazing orange color with huge white clouds billowing upward...and as we looked up lightening began to strike. I absolutely love what Gabe said next: "Brian is putting on a show for us - showing off like usual:)" We both had a big laugh (which is what Brian would have wanted) and then headed to his grave. This was our view that evening:

We miss you like crazy, Brian - and we will continue to live life to the fullest every day in your honor. Love you!