Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Sizzling Summer...

Since I updated last time, we have been doing alot of hanging out around our pond, cooking over a fire, staying up late, sleeping in, inviting friends over to play, and staying in our PJ's all day long:) 

Max is really loving going swimming in our pond almost everyday with either Papa Delbert, Gabe, or Uncle Clay. My whole family (and some friends, too) have been meeting down there at the end of each day and just relaxing...talking and enjoying the sunshine. Max wears his life jacket and gets right in...and spends a couple hours swimming! The silly guy usually doesn't want to get out and head home at the end of the evening. I feel like we are squeezing each and every minute out of this summer and loving it:) Max has also had several days where he has invited friends over and just played ALL day long! It's funny, because with boys, they will just run around outside and find things to do all day - they don't even want mom around at all! With Callie it will probably be very different, and I will be painting nails or doing some kind of craft with her and her friends. I guess we will wait and see!

Callie is getting her two front teeth on top - they are just breaking through her gums! She still only has the 2 bottom teeth that she has had for this is exciting:) She will be 11 months old in a couple of weeks and is standing on her own and cruising around everywhere holding on to furniture - but no walking on her own yet. I think it will be VERY soon! I am beginning to make plans for Callie's 1st birthday - lots of little details that I'm excited about!!

Last night we went to the local county fair and had a really great time - Max rode on lots of rides, played games with Gabe and Papa (and won several stuffed animals)...of course everyone sampled yummy fair food (except me :( crazy stomach!) We ended up seeing lots of friends and the weather was perfect - not too hot! 

 Last week I had my doctor's appointment in Indy - where they just did an overall exam and didn't tell me anything new - and they can't get me in for tests until the end of August. Those tests will determine whether or not I have to have surgery...Right now I'm just trying to hang in there and get thru day to day. It's great right now because it's summertime and I have no real commitments or obligations except to take care of my kiddos...but when school starts in August I will probably have a really rough time - so I could use everyone's prayers! I'm trying not to think about it now, and just enjoy these moments with my family. 

We have had some sad news around here...our cat Zoomie passed away:( One day we noticed he was not walking right, just laying and moaning, then starting not eating or drinking. Gabe's mom took him into the vet clinic that she works for and they took care of him for a week or so, but he wasn't going to get better. They think he had a type of feline leukemia. We are so, so sad...we have had Zoomie since finding him at our wedding reception (almost 2 years). He was a really good cat - we will miss him!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Saturday night...

I'm home by myself tonight...Max is at his dad's and Gabe & Callie went to Boggs where Gabe's family is camping to just relax with them. I've been sick since lunch (my normal stomach problems), so I had to stay home. Here is one of those examples where my stomach is holding me back...I hate not being able to be with my family on nights like these. It's gorgeous outside and Saturday night, but here I am. 

We did have such a fun day yesterday, though:) Gabe got off early and we headed to Bloomington - Max was determined that we needed to get Build-a-Bears for him and Callie (her first one:)!! We had a beautiful, snacking on Auntie Ann pretzels, exploring, and getting some Father's Day gifts. 
Callie loves her new bear - when I sit it down beside her, she says "HI!!!!" in the sweetest little voice! She also gives it kisses - this girl is so sweet and has so much spunk!!

I guess I just need to enjoy these moments of peace and quiet and wait for my sweet family to return. Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Last game...

Max had his last pee-wee game of the season on Monday - it is going to feel like everything is slowing down so much without going to the ballpark 2 or 3 nights a week. Max learned alot this year in pee-wee and you could tell he was one of the older kids this year:) He will move up to minor league next year, which he is excited about. He actually played in 2 minor league games this season because they needed another player. I was so proud (not to mention nervous) for my little man...especially seeing him with the "big boys." He did so well, hit the ball, slid into base, and even made it home once! He also got hit on the hand while batting...which I think hurt me more then it hurt him! Ha ha! Gabe still just amazes me with what an awesome coach he is - he has so much patience and gives so much time to those kids. He is really excited about moving up with Max to minor league:)  With Father's Day coming up - I just have to say that Gabe deserves the "Father of the Year Award!!" Seriously - he is just amazing with both kids - always helping & giving me some "me" time. He has the most kind and caring heart - I just love that man:)!!

Max has also adjusted to his baby sister so well - and the love between them is so strong. Max is constantly helping me with Callie, making sure she is safe, giving her snacks, talking to her, making her laugh, and being her best buddy. I love to watch them together and feel very blessed for having both of them in my life. 

Today we went to a friend's pool with Janae and the kids she babysits for. We had so much fun - just lounging in the sun and swimming our little hearts out:)!! Max LOVES the water and would have stayed in there all day - Callie is a little more timid, but she is only little so I don't blame her. She had a death grip on me the entire time we were in the pool. 
It was so sweet to watch Janae with the kids and how much they all love her (including my kids). Callie doesn't reach for hardly anyone - but she was reaching for Janae today. I just think it is so cool that I carried Janae around when she was Callie's age, and now here is she, going to be a senior in high school and such a wonderful girl. She is GREAT with kids, and I just love to be around her and catch up with what is going on in her life:)!!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012


I feel like I haven't used my blog as a "journal" lately...I've mostly been just posting photos of the kids. When I originally started this blog, I used it as a personal journal and I miss going back and getting to read about what was going on in my life at specific times. And since I print my blog posts into a yearly "blog book," I want to get back into writing more on each post. 

Callie is 10 months old and crawling around EVERYWHERE!! She is into everything - keeping me on my toes and always making me smile. She has so much excitement inside of her, she often doesn't even know what to do with it...she sits and laughs, twisting and turning her feet & hands. I can't help but kiss on her constantly, especially since I think she is my last baby! I try not to take a single moment with her for granted, because I know first-hand just how fast they grow (from watching Max grow up so fast). When I'm not being totally consumed with chasing this little booger around - 

there is alot of other stuff going on in my life. Anyone who knows me well, knows that I have struggled with my stomach for a very long time. Those problems are back and in full force...limiting me from getting out of the house very much. I try not to let it effect me, but fear & anxiety hold me back alot. I hate to think that because I am sick all the time, that my kids might miss out on seeing and doing things that other kids get to do. It is very difficult for me to take them anywhere or do much of anything without looking for the nearest bathroom and worrying about my next stomach "attack." I don't like to travel in a car for more then 10 or 20 minutes - which I know is just crazy...but fear holds me back from so much. I also have to go to a doctor in Indy in a few weeks to talk about having surgery for some problems I am experiencing from delivering my two kids. These problems are only heightening my fear & anxiety I experience with my stomach problems - so to say I'm just a total mess right now would pretty much sum it up. 

Max is at his dad's tonight - here is a photo of him from baseball this year - he is really getting so tall &

It is never easy...the back & forth between Max's dad and I. He wants more heart breaks each time Max is away. I always knew, no matter what type of decisions I made, Max might be hurt in the process. We really try to protect him from it all - but sometimes as adults our tempers rage at each other & it seeps out into the child's life. I pray that no matter who he is with or what he is doing - he never feels the stress or anger that passes between his parents. His heart is all that matters...I only want his complete happiness. I know his dad & I have to continue to strive to put him first, put our personal anger aside, make grown-up/faith-filled decisions and model behavior that we want to see in our son one day. It's hard work - I'm tellin' ya, super hard work - but Max is more than worth it!!

So now that you are caught up - I think that is enough for tonight. But I'm gonna try to continue to update everyone on all the ins & outs of the Swartzentruber household. Thanks for listening:)

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Summer has started!!

We are finally here - what we have been waiting for: SUMMER BREAK!! Yay! 
We have been enjoying lazy days at home...

Warm evening nights outside with family...

Camping trips...

Taking pictures for a sweet little girl's 1st birthday...

I can't wait to see what the rest of the summer holds!