Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Here's to...

So was a GOOD day. We went to Shakamak pool and swam all day - soaking in the sun, finally getting tans, and splashing around in the water. We snacked and talked and just had fun. Relaxed, reveled in the feeling of summertime. 

But two days ago...not so good. I literally locked myself in the bathroom for ten minutes of calm and quiet. I took a shower so I couldn't hear Max banging on the door, and Callie yelling "MOM!!" I just needed to chill, alone for ten minutes. Luckily I have a strong, patient hubby who can handle our two kiddos so I can have a little break. Even if it is ten minutes...and it is in my bathroom and not a sandy beach somewhere. He handled the kids so that when I emerged from behind the locked door...all was quiet and calm. And most of the time that is all it takes - and I am back in mama mode. Laundry and dishes and cleaning and wiping noses and kissing ouchies. But I need that 10 min. every once in awhile. 

Here's to more summer days, going to bed exhausted from the swimming and the heat. 
Here's to more ten min. breaks and breakdowns. 
Here's to popsicles and drinks from the water hose and basking in the sunshine. 
Here's to SUMMER:)

Sunday, June 9, 2013


It finally feels like summer around here...this past weekend we hung out at the pond with family and friends while enjoying the sunshine! I love it and I feel my attitude changing as the sun comes out...I just feel happier and more carefree. I'm really working on CHOOSING to not enjoy the summer with my kids and stop worrying about every little thing. 
It also seems that when the sun comes out and the temperature warms up, I tend to get my camera out more as well. It's so funny to look back thru my photo albums and notice that when I am at my happiest, I get my camera out and take tons of photos. My hobby of photography is just something that puts me at ease...makes me look at life differently and relaxes my soul.

Oh these two...they melt my heart every time!!

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Wrap-up of May...

You would think that I would have more time to post because school is out and me and the kiddos are on summer break...but quite the opposite has happened. I've neglected blogging although there is so much to talk about and has been a rough couple of weeks around here and I'm just not sure I want to share all of it all at once. 

My dad had a heart attack a few years ago and we worry about him constantly since - well, the other night he had an "episode" in the middle of the night, and my mom had to call an ambulance and they quickly got him to the ER. He passed out twice on mom - I can't even imagine how scared she was. They decided he had pneumonia and was dehydrated...he is just so very stressed with farming and not being able to get the crops in the ground. When that is your lively-hood and things are looking bad, the stress is overwhelming for sure. They checked out his heart and found nothing we are praying for healing and strength for him. He was up all night at the ER - then came straight home to farm all day long (it was the first nice day in a long time). That man is so very stubborn...and I love him so very much. 

There are also some other things going on that are nagging on my mind. I just have to remember that God is in control and I have NO control - which is sometimes hard for me to admit. This mornings sermon at church was all about letting go of the worry in your life - such a HUGE struggle for me. Still thinking of the pastor's words and letting everything sink in...

Last weekend we had a little impromptu photo shoot with Callie and her sweet cousin and best friend, AunaRay in a little town called Story, Indiana. The girls had a blast and I just clicked away! These two make my heart so happy!

 This being the first day of June - I hope and pray that you are blessed this month and it can be a relaxing time for you and your family. I am thanking God each day for my many blessings, and I'm gonna continue to try to let all this worry go.