Monday, September 24, 2012

Mama Necklace

I bought a necklace for myself when Callie was is definitely my most favorite piece I own yet -and I have a feeling it always will be. I've gotten lots of compliments on it, so I decided to write about it here for those who might just want to spoil themselves and order their own:)

I follow a blog written by Lisa Leonard...who seems super sweet and one of those people you would want to meet in real life, and who also happens to create beautiful, meaningful jewelry as her "day job." From her blog you can shop at her online store...but let me warn you - you will probably want to order LOTS of her stuff:)! I fell in love with her "mama" necklace. It is a big silver circle that says "mama in the middle. Around the edges it says "hand holder, dream soother, love giver." This just says it all to me. Especially on those days when as a mother, you feel ragged and stretched thin. You feel snippy and tired...emotional and just plain old. These phrases on my necklace remind me I matter. That two little lives depend on me and deserve my very best all the time.

I'm thinking of ordering the engraved heart with my kids' names next:) Spoil yourself and order one of her gorgeous pieces...I promise you won't regret it!!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Cookie Sheet

To most people, it just looks like an old, beat-up cookie sheet. It is dented and scratched...repeated use has aged it beyond repair. It is the most wonderful Christmas gift I have ever received. 

You see, this cookie sheet represents abundant love and lasting tradition to me. For years I watched my Grandma spread a fine layer of flour on this pan with her soft hands. I stood by her side while she measured, mixed, and baked cookies...all the while she was teaching and guiding me so that one day I would share her love of baking. This pan is so much more to me than faded metal - it holds the memories and the love she so lavishly poured out on me.

Many, many afternoons were spent in the basement with Grandma...I can still smell bread baking and cookies cooling. When I think of her, I think of aprons and ingredients, acceptance and perseverance, wrinkles and soft kisses. 

It was our first Christmas without her...and my Aunt decided to give each of the grandkids one of Grandma's cookie sheets. To most this is a small gift, something to take home and put away. But to me it was so much more - I use it on most days, running my hand against the scratched metal and closing my eyes as the memories flood back. I don't think I will ever be known for my baking skills, like my Grandma was, but she did instill in me a passion & appreciation for baking. My favorite recipes will always be hers...written in her shaky handwriting, each with tips and tricks from years of experience. Although she isn't here anymore to teach me step -by- step, being able to use her pans and recipes makes me feel close to her. I hope I would make her proud. 

Antique Show 2012

Last week/weekend was the Antique Show of 2012, which is the highlight of the year for Gabriel:) My mom also had a little stand - selling vintage quilts, dishes, aprons, etc. We really had a great time...searching the flea market, eating all the yummy fair food, petting the miniature horses, and visiting with family. 

Mom and her sister, Cindy, at their flea market stand. 

Gabe's Grandma Paulus making at her Apple Butter stand.

Grandpa Paulus cleaning out his steam engine.

Gracie hanging out in her stroller. 

Callie checking herself out in the mirror. 

Cindy, Shane, Chas, and Gracie

Jason Jones showing off his flea market purchase.

KayeLee Jones - little sweetie!

My sweet girl wanting a ride on the 4-wheeler.

Gabe has known for awhile now that he wanted to start learning to carve wood with a chainsaw. Last year he started learning...and then for Christmas I got him a carving saw with all the accessories. The Antique Show weekend really lit a fire in him to get started - and he hasn't stopped since! Every moment he isn't working, he has been spending carving, sanding, and painting some new pieces. If anyone wants to place an order, just check out our Facebook page for "Wood WhatKnots" and leave us a message!

After a long week and weekend, my kids were ready to relax together...I caught this sweet moment (I just can't get enough of these 2)!!

Goodnight y'all:)