Saturday, July 17, 2010

Making Applesauce...

Me, Clay, and Max went over to my Grandma's one day this week and helped her make homemade applesauce - it is AMAZING, then again, anything she makes is amazing!!

New Home

Our house is coming along...Gabe told me today that our builder said we should be moving in in 2 weeks (but based on his other predictions in the past, it will probably be 3 weeks)!! Ha ha! I knew it would fall right at the time that I was going back to school - we go back on Aug. I will be going back to school, getting Max into a new routine, and moving into a brand-new house:) I'm so excited, but it will be hectic!

Gabe has been working incredibly hard to get this house just perfect. He is planing all the wood for the cathedral ceilings, then tongue and grooving each piece. Here are a few pictures of Gabe and his Grandpa working so hard in this heat:
Bob and Elisha even got in on the action:) I really appreciate everything being done to make our house a home:)!!

Honeymoon fun!

The rest of our wedding weekend we spent time with our family lounging by the pool, visiting the waterpark, go-cart racing, bowling, eating out, watching fireworks, etc. Here are some of the photos taken over the weekend - we could not have had any more fun than we did:) I will always cherish this time with our family!!

Wedding - July 4th, 2010

On July 4th, 2010 we had a beautiful, small, and simple wedding at the French Lick Springs Resort. I married my dream man...and my little boy even walked me down the aisle! We had such a magical day and I will never forget the excitement and happiness I felt that day. Max and I walking down the huge set of steps behind the resort:
And then we had the most precious ceremony, with a sweet old man named Bob Turner - who made the ceremony so personal and special for us!
We celebrated by having a huge brunch at the Grande Colannde (the waffles were AMAZING) and some yummy cake for dessert!
After brunch we snapped some photos -
Can you believe it - I'm now Mrs. Swartzentruber!!! I'm lovin' the sound of that:)!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Small update...

We had an AMAZING weekend/beginning of the week - and I promise to update with pictures of the wedding soon...
but for now I'll leave you with a photo of me and my new hubby enjoying our honeymoon:)

Friday, July 2, 2010

To Maxwell (aka Bubblecakes, Monster-butt, Pooda)

I snuggle up closer and and bury my nose in your freshly washed smells faintly of coconut and is soft against my cheek. Each night one of your arms is intertwined with mine, while the other is wrapped tightly around teddy. I hear your breathing grow steady and I know you've fallen into a deep sleep. It's been 2 years with just the two of us...we were all the other had. Each night we've cuddled up together and said our prayers, wrapped our blankets around us and stayed hidden from the cares of the world.

And when I awaken each morning, there you are. Like sunshine coming in thru an open window - with a smile big enough to light up the midnight sky. No matter what dream I had dreamt, no matter how much I'd tossed and turned...waking up to your face made me let go of it all...let go of it all and grin back at you.

A new adventure is beginning for us this weekend -
You will walk me down the aisle, not to give me away...
but to join hands with Gabe and I and create our family. Yes, things will change, but only for the better. And although it will be hard for your Mama to let go a little,
give you your own room and your own space...we will be exactly where we are meant to be.

You are my heart and you, bubba!