Tuesday, February 19, 2013


He is tall and pencil thin. 
His white hair and thick beard can't hide his contagious smile. 
He is the strongest man I know. His faith incredibly steadfast...never wavering or fading. 
For years I have watching him sit back 
and quietly take everything in. 
And he is truly happy when he is surrounded by his family. 
My grandpa. Grandpa GG. 
This month he turned 90. 
And last week he gave us all a big scare.
Phone calls were made and prayers were sent up. 
Our prayers were answered and a miracle unfolded right before our eyes. 

And so today I am lifting my hands in praise...visiting my Grandpa in the hospital and reveling in the miracle of life - his life. And God's amazing miracles. 

Sunday, February 17, 2013

My Little Valentines

Little Miss Callie Catherine peed in the potty today for the very first time! She has been showing signs for a few weeks now that she is "ready" to be potty trained, so late this week I went to Walmart and got a pink potty chair. For the first day or so, she acted scared of it - so I decided I would just let her go at her own pace and see how she handled it. Yesterday she sat on it for the first time...decided she liked it and didn't want to get up! Silly girl - but I thought she still didn't understand and it would be awhile before we got anywhere. Today Gabe had her most of the day because I had to go to Vincennes, Washington, and Loogootee - but I got home in time to give her a bath tonight. Before she got into the bath she wanted to sit on her potty. I ran to the laundry room very quickly, and by the time I came back into the bathroom - she had peed! She was so proud of herself and stood by the potty and clapped. Oh, this sassy girl just amazes me every single day. She is still a complete Daddy's girl and will not let anyone else put her to bed at night. She is really talking - more and more everyday.

 Her favorite phrases are: 
*"I peed and pooped." (She says this constantly, even when we are in public, which is so embarrassing!!)
*"Tank you." (Thank you)
*" I want nack." (I want a snack.)

And her favorite names to say are: 
Mama, Dad-dee, Bubba, Nae-Nae, Elisha, Isaiah, Mallory, AunaRay, Papa, Nana, Alicia, and Nate

She has learned to climb up on the kitchen stools to reach the island countertop...we are in trouble now!
We have been having lots of family nights at our house - my family will come over for tacos or pizza and we will just hang out and play games, talk, and laugh. These are my favorite kinds of nights!

We celebrated Valentine's Day with small gifts and lots of hugs and kisses:)

 Max came home from school with lots and lots of treats and VDay cards - I think he was on a sugar high from his party! His favorite thing to do right now is look thru all his baseball, basketball, and football cards - I remember my brothers collecting those cards and now Max is really into it. He has so many sports statistics in that head of his...his memory is insane!!

 Happy February, everyone!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Dishes and Puzzles

We've had a lazy snow day around here...just hanging out and even started a 1,000 piece puzzle:) Jessica and Lauren even brought us donuts this morning - how thoughtful!! We have a fire going in the fireplace and Elisha came over to play...I think we might even order some pizza soon. I'm just lovin' this day:)

My kiddos have been super busy - Max is reading up a storm and really loving school. Callie has started talking in sentences. Her first sentence ever was "I WANT CHEESE!" which is very fitting since this is her favorite food and she is constantly asking for it. Now she is on a kick of helping me with the dishes...and is constantly saying "I DO DAT DISH." (I do that dish). I can't help but laugh every time I hear her say it!

Last weekend our sweet Janae (Nae-Nae) was in homecoming - she is a senior and I can't even believe how much she has grown up. She is so beautiful!! Since she was born, she has been a huge part of my life and that will never change. Now she loves on and plays with my kids, just like I did with her:)

Also, last weekend we had a surprise party for Raylene's birthday. We had some great food and visited with lots of family - the kids all played and ran around like wild Indians.

 February has begun and I kept believe how fast this school year is going!! I got my hair chopped off this week - I can't seem to let it grow out for long. 

 Goodnight y'all...