Tuesday, March 25, 2014


She is here…all around me. 
My grandma passed away a little over 3 years ago. Unexpectedly…suddenly. Punching me in the stomach, taking my breath away. 
She sends signs when I least expect them. I find hearts in funny places - her way of reminding me that she is watching. She sees me. She sees my kids.
As I'm waking in the morning & still clearing the fog from my head. 
When I decide to take a walk on a bright, clear day. Leaves all around me, but one catching my eye & forcing my heart to pound out of my chest. 

This past weekend, as I was watching my kids play on our new pad of concrete, watching them while they teased each other & giggled in the sunshine…and for some reason I glanced over to the wood pile right beside me. And there it is…a heart placed perfectly on a stump. I can almost feel her hand upon my arm…her heart bursting with love while she watches my two children play. 
And now Grandpa is beside her. Exactly where they always wanted to be. Together. And with Jesus. 

Monday, March 3, 2014

Feb. 2013

February flew by for us- we celebrated Valentine's Day together as a family of four and I just have to share a couple of cute pictures I got of my smallest little Valentine. 

We also welcomed a sweet baby cousin into the family last week - Caleb & Mallory had a sweet baby girl named Lexie Faith Swartzentruber. We are so in LOVE already!! I can't wait to watch all the cousins growing up together - they have so much fun together!

We even had time to squeeze in some sledding at Gabe's mom & dads. I couldn't get Max to come inside - he could have kept sledding all night long! But Callie on the other hand, did not enjoy it and cried her eyes out. I was really surprised because she usually loves the outdoors…but I guess she isn't fond of the cold!

AunaRay loved it and talked Papa Bob into taking her down the hill!

Today we are home on ANOTHER snow day - winter doesn't seem to want to end this year!! Max isn't feeling well, so we have laid around most of the day and just relaxed. I love it now, but I know I will be regretting all these days off when the weather is gorgeous & I'm stuck inside! O well - I am just trying to enjoy every moment with my two little ones:)!