Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Just found this verse and found comfort in it...hope you will to:
You're going to die—someday. If you've accepted Christ, then you're going to go to heaven. You'll be released from pain, from sorrow, from suffering, from depression, from fear: "He'll wipe every tear from their eyes. Death is gone for good—tears gone, crying gone, pain gone—all the first order of things gone" (Revelation 21:4, MSG).

Did you hear about the young woman who went to school at Yale and was killed a few days ago while she was in a lab? Her picture is incredibly haunting and it immediately caught my attention when I was scanning the news on She was a young, beautiful woman who was engaged to be married. And in an instant that all ended.
For some reason I can't stop thinking about it. When you watch the news or read anything on the internet it always seems like evil prevails. If it's not "bad" news, it's boring. We are constantly bombarded with sad stories and horrifying events - I'm not sure why this story has made me stop and think so much - but it has.

Last night as I was trying to sleep I kept thinking about this young woman, how scary and graphic the very last few moments of her life were. I'm not going to go thru all the thoughts that were running thru my head, but I just had this terrible heartache for this girl and her family and friends. As I was thinking thru all of this - I pictured her in Heaven. Will she remember those last terrifying moments of her life? I guess I've always wondered that - once you get to Heaven will you know how you died? Will you be able to look down from Heaven on your loved ones still here on earth, give them signs to remember you by (I'm thinkin' the movie "Ghost" here, people!)? I would love to hear what you guys think...

The more I think about it , the more I start to believe that there is no way this would be possible. I don't think that we will remember how we left the earth, anything about this earth. I don't think we will want to. Heaven will be so amazing and wonderful (ok, those words just sound silly when I try to describe Heaven, I don't think any words would come close) that we will only be thinking about Jesus and praising Him...getting to listen to His stories, follow him thru the golden streets, feasting beside him...just overwhelmed with love. Maybe we won't remember our lives here on earth - I've read that in Heaven we will not feel any pain, we will not experience sadness. So that leads me to believe that we won't remember our earthly lives - we won't feel sadness for the things we've experienced.

Ok - now I'm rambling. I'll stop...but will you leave a comment and tell me your thoughts? I'm really interested:)


The Eatons said...

Excellent resource:

Heaven by Randy Alcorn
He also a book for kids called:
Heaven for Kids

We are reading it right now with our kids .. it's so good and it answers a lot of questions with Scripture.


Leah Robinson said...

I personally believe like God promises...there will be NO MORE PAIN! So I imagine he will not even let us remember something so terrible! I too cannot get over that story! It is very haunting.

Hunter has asked me recently why the news shows bad things. I told her it's their way of warning us what "could" happen so that we can be prepared. I think I will look into the book Tonya suggested, b/c both girls are starting to ask so many great questions!

Desiree' Knepp said...

My belief is that however we die we will not remember it because in heaven there is no pain or sorrow! However I do believe that we will be able to look down on our loved ones and be there as their "guardian angel" i have 3 grandparents that have passed and on more than one occasion something has happened to me here on earth and i think--grandpa or grandma did that! something that has reminded me in the past when they were here with me, then when they pass away something can happen that will bring back a memory of them--and i believe they have a big part of that. i totally believe that there are angels among us and it may be the cathloic in me but i always lift up prayers to my loved ones that have passed.

Brittany Janae said...

I think a part of me just wants to believe that they can "see" down from heaven. It's kind of a tricky question though, because there is no pain in heaven.. so i've always wondered if my dad can see me, would it not cause him pain b/c we are not together?.. can he see my tears? On that side I will never know until I get there, but on another note- When I accomplish something that I know would make him proud, or please him, I get a sense so strong within me that I feel he's living so fully within me- like he's jumping up & down in my heart and it makes me jump(like a cold chill, only warm?):) I know that sounds so silly, but I truely believe that in my happy moments, he can see because I feel him sooo strongly! Maybe that's God's little reminder that one day I'll have that feeling all the time...Keep on climbing:)!

Chelsa said...

well brittany just said the things i wanted to say so i guess i'll leave it at that :)

i want to believe that andon will know us when we get to heaven and that i'll get to hold him then, but i think if he saw our tears now that would cause him sadness? guess we'll know when we get there.