Tuesday, March 16, 2010

My heart is heavy...

I had one of those moments today when I felt like I got kicked in the gut. Literally got the wind knocked out of me from one single, still image. And it was this: This is Andrea and her little boy, Ethan. Today on Facebook I saw this photo posted by several of her friends, because tomorrow marks 1 year since Andrea went to Heaven to be with Jesus. I didn't know Andrea very well (only worked with her VERY briefly at Stage one summer), but I will tell you something that is the absolute truth.

She has changed my life.

When I saw Andrea fighting cancer with everything inside of her...she changed me.

When I saw Andrea's big smile and heard about her upbeat attitude...she changed me.

When I hear about things she did and said to her son and husband...she changes me.

When I realize that her strength and courage lives on in her family and friends...she changes me.

When people drop everything to participate in Relay for Life because it was such a huge deal for her...she changes me.

When I see this photograph and tears stream down my face for the woman she was...she changes me.

When I see Ethan playing basketball with his little sweatband on and I try to imagine how much he misses his Mommy...she changes me.

She changes me as a woman, as a daughter, as a mother, as a friend,as a believer. I don't know about you, but tonight I am going home and hugging Max to me with all of my might. I am going to kiss him and tell him that I love him so. I am going to savor every single second I have with him...and everyone else that is important to me. Because none of us ever know how long we have here on Earth - and I will be content even if I only leave a fraction of the impact that Andrea did on this world.

If you do nothing else tonight - please do this: stop and say a prayer for sweet Ethan. And always remember to take NOTHING for granted. Not one, single breathe.


Chelsa said...

great reminder... i can't imagine how much that little guy misses his momma- just breaks my heart.

Tammy@If Meadows Speak... said...

Oh my goodness, this brought tears to my eyes! I'll definitely say a prayer for little Ethan tonight.

Our Little Love Bug said...

oh abbie....what a sweet, thoughtful post. i truly am amazed by how many complete strangers she has impacted in some way. this is my absolute favorite picture. it captured so many feelings and emotions in one little snap and embraces the force and love these two shared for one another. absolutely love it and forever will.

thanks for sharing...

congrats on your engagement by the way!

Boothbloggers said...

tears....What an incredible picture-wow! I didn't know her personally, but I so wish that I had. She truly sounds like the person everyone, absolutely including me, should try to be like. I pray for her sweet little boy even harder since I know now what its like to be a mama.
Brooke-you are still in my prayers too, sweet girl. I know this has been such a devastating void in your life-I pray that God will comfort you and your entire family and you can hold on to fact that she did make such a difference. This woman that I didn't even know has made such an impact on how I live my daily life as a mom, friend and wife. I'm with Abby, if I even leave a fraction of the impact when I leave this ol' world, it will be my greatest accomplishment. ♥

Anni said...

what a lovely post... honoring such a sweet gal... i too knew her only a little but was and continue to be humbled by her

(this is Shannon Crane btw... :) Anni's a nickname)

l.o.v.e. following your wedding votes too... i haven't voted for confusion w/ the Anni/Shannon but love cake one and hair 1 :)

Sandy said...

Thank you Abbie, that was a great way to honor Andrea. She would be proud to know that she impacted you in such a way that it's made you an even more awesome person that you already were. Thank you for sharing, I am going to do the same.

Kayna Clidienst said...

Amazing post!!! :)

Jenelle said...

Your post brings a lump in my throat as I read how another person was touched by her life. There is no doubt in my mind that God planned to use her to change so many lives & she did Him proud. I miss her dearly, but it warms my heart when I think of her sitting up there next to Jesus as they look down watching all the lives they changed. Thanks for remembering her today.