Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Our little family has been hard at work, preparing a nursery for the sweet little one we are expecting.
With only 5 weeks until she arrives, we have been getting used to the idea of moving from a family of 3 to a larger family of 4!
Max has been super involved in helping me do some artwork for the walls, and Gabe works hard on the nursery after working all day at the Sawmill.
I feel so blessed to have these two men in my life, and I know they are going to spoil our sweet new addition when she arrives!


Chelsa said...

ohhh, it looks pretty so far!!
i can't believe it's only 5 weeks until she gets here!

Brittany Janae said...

It looks soo cute!!! and I CAN'T wait to meet your new little one:)

Tera said...

I knew you were thinking of keeping the blue and I love it...really makes the pink (and soon yellow?) pop! Miss CC will love it!!

Mandi Knepp said...

It was so good to see you today. You look so cute... your bump is so small. Makes me feel like I need to suck it in! hee hee I love all of the pink in the room. And man that hub of yours is talented! Wish your little family well... Not to much longer and our babies will be here. Hey, maybe we will be able to set up a prearranged marriage! hee hee

Ashley said...

looks cute so far! you will have to post a pic. when you get done.

Leah Robinson said...

That is the cutest thing eva!!! Love the update =)