Friday, October 28, 2011


So... things are good here. How could life not be good when I get to come home to this face:
And this one...

I mean really? Don't get me life is NOT perfect. Far from it. But in between the burnt dinners, the dirty dishes, the floors that need mopped, the poopy diapers and endless laundry - I get to love on these two. And they love me back without reservation. They grin at me and I melt. I am the luckiest woman in the world. 

Max is growing leaps and bounds since starting school - I can't believe how fast he is catching on to reading and writing sentences. Each night he spends several hours just writing and drawing...tonight he drew a picture and then was super excited to show Gabe and I. Here it is:

This is how he explained it to me..."Mom, there you are. And there is Dad (Gabe) and there is something really special for Gabe. I drew two apple trees that he planted. Then I put the date, Oct. 28th 2011 at the top."
Sigh...oh how I love this kid! He amazes me everyday. 
Ok, I'm gonna go now, so I can get back to this:


Tera said...

Loved this post! Yes, you are one lucky momma!! And that Max. He is the sweetest. I tell my girls all the time that one of them can marry him. :) I love the picture and his writing is great!!

Chelsa said...

sweet picture and sweet kiddos! they must take after their SWEET momma :)

Ashley said...

I know you are going to keep that picture forever.....Max is such a sweet boy! I would say you are pretty lucky too:)