Sunday, August 25, 2013

New School year - 2013

My new adventure has begun - I am now a fifth grade teacher. It was so unexpected, but has went really well so far. I have a really great group of kids that are kind and attentive. As much as I was worried about it - and as overwhelming as the whole process was - God has been with me each and every step...guiding me and comforting me. Here are a few photos of my finished classroom - I worked so hard to make it warm and inviting for the kids - and they seem to really love it!

Max started 2nd grade the next week...He loves school and was really excited! He got Mrs. Byrer as a teacher, and there are lots of his buddies in his class. Uncle Clay still picks him up every morning and I just love the relationship these two have made! Clay is such a positive male role model for Max, and I'm thankful that Max has someone so amazing to look up to!    

Yesterday our sweet Nae-Nae left for U of E. We are so very excited for this new phase in her life...but also sad how fast the years have flown by. I remember holding her as a newborn baby...and now she's a college girl:) I texted with her today and she told me she is having a great time and loves her roommate! 

I hope everyone has a blessed school year!!!!


Chelsa said...

so glad your school year is going well! i had wondered about you after your last post- how it was!

your room is adorable!

Ashley said...

So happy everything is going good! U of E Alumni right here:) She picked a great school!!

Kathy Kellen said...

So happy for you, Abbie! Your 5th graders are so lucky to have you!!
I can't believe how grown up Max is! I'll never forget his video impression of us nearly 4 years ago, now!! Much love to you, Abbie!!