Friday, October 3, 2014

Gone Too Long...

It's been too long since I've sat down and blogged. 
Since I've pushed the laundry aside…ignored the dishes in the sink. There is so much work at home to get done once I get home from my "real" work. 
I don't ever set aside time for myself. 
Time to think and evaluate my life. 
Time to read God's word and let His love wash over me. 

It's time for a night like that. Time to think and blog and rest and read. 
Time to clear these cobwebs from my mind and empty my thoughts onto this computer screen. 

It's raining this Friday night and I love it. I love to sit in my living room and watch it rain thru the huge windows beside the fireplace. It's the exact calm and serene feeling I need at the moment…it is so rare and far between. 

The thing is, I can't even name one thing that has made life so busy and crazy, so frantic and frenzied. It is a culmination of several issues that have driven me to feel so out-of-touch…almost detached. Not from my family, necessarily, but from the world and from my Father. My heart aches for the feeling of closeness that is usually there. 

The summer went by so quickly, and now work and routine have taken over. Fall is in full swing and this is my favorite time of year. I find my heart filling so easily with thankfulness and blessings. I slow down some and take a closer look at everything around me. 

 We did get a chance to get away one weekend - that was so needed and super nice. To just play with the kiddos and explore French Lick - Gabe and I love it there since it is where we got married! Now we get to take the kids there and experience it in a different way. 

Callie turned three years old and started going to Preschool at Odon Christian Church two days a week. Max went when he was her age - he adjusted much better than she did. She still struggles with us leaving her…but it's ok, but I want her to stay little a while longer. She is growing up too fast on me, and I just try to cherish each moment with her. I know just how fast it goes…Max will be 9 next month. It doesn't seem possible…I constantly have flashbacks of Max from each year that has passed. His sweet smile hasn't changed, although he's so tall and his legs have gotten so long:)

Ok, I better go enjoy my family. But I promise not to be gone so long this time. 

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