Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Top Ten Lists

Top 10 things I LOVE about SUMMER...

#1 waking up each morning with absolutely no plans, and endless possibilities!

#2 venturing out from underneath the covers around 9 a.m.

#3 the smile that creeps up on me each time I slip my painted toenails into flip flops (especially with the cute little flower painted on my big toe)!

#4 getting squirted with water from a cute little boy with a water gun

#5 golden tans

#6 my biggest weakness - SCOOPS ice cream on a hot summer night

#7 spending the entire day snapping pictures of my little man running his legs off!


#9 carrying my book around and reading every chance I get

#10 mini-vacations where you can sit by the pool and drink frozen strawberry daquiris (my favorite:)!!!

Max's top 10 things HE LOVES about SUMMER...

#1 Breakfast at the Essen Haus with Papa Delbert

#2 Cartoons, cartoons, and more cartoons...

#3 Learning to swim

#4 following his Uncle Clay's every move:)

#5 Water gun figthts with pretty girls

#6 vanilla milk shakes on a hot, steamy day

#7 Hanging out with his buddy Nick and having water balloon fights

#8 rhino rides over to Mamaw and Papa GG's

#9 sipping Mt. Dew from Mommy's cup when she isn't looking

#10 Riding all the rides at the county fair


Lauren said...

love that little boy's face!!

Brittany Janae said...

I must agree with Max's #5!! What a blast:)

Boothbloggers said...

So cute! I agree with all of yours! :) ANd Max's are adorable. Speaking of mt. dew- i found a pic of dennis and I and all of our cousins on a road trip to the zoo when we were all under age 5. We ALL had vintage cans of Mt. Dew and were being allowed to drink them with our lunch. Isn't it funny how things change. Nowadays hardly noone would never let their child drink a whole mt. dew at that age! I'm going to have to scan that pic in- its hilarious!
anyway- this is a long comment, but just wanted to say hey and happy summer!!!

Chelsa said...

i like both of your lists :)

and scoops is def. a weakness of mine too!