Friday, June 12, 2009


It is Friday night and here I sit...not sure where the week went (it's flown by) and just hanging out - me and my little man. There are toys strung everywhere...and he's out on the porch yelling like a mad man (just to hear himself yell)!

Last weekend my sweet little cousin Jessica married her one-and-only, Nick. They are such a sweet couple, and I love them both very much. I spent the day snapping pictures, and the first part of my week photoshopping all those pictures:) The wedding went very smooth (I was the personal attendant), the deocrations were gorgeous, and the night ended with my little man dancing his heart out in the middle of the dance floor - with a huge crowd gathered around to watch!!

(He is so different from his mother:) I would rather get shot in the leg than dance in front of a big crowd!!)
Here are some of the cute pictures I got at the wedding:

So anyway - I've been busy with all these photos, then Thursday I babysat for Chas's kids (we had a great day!!) and today I enjoyed breakfast out with my family and then cleaned my grandma's all of the sudden it's Sat. again! Wow! No big plans for the weekend - and I LOVE it:)!!
Hope everyone has an AMAZING weekend!!


April Stilwell said...

The pictures look SOOO good Abbie! I wish you were here to take ours! Enjoy your summer with Max !

Allison said...

Abbie the pictures turned out sooo great! I had such a good time at the wedding. Max is the sweetest thing ever. I loved his moves on the dance floor:)

Jamie said...

Love your pics Abbie! You look so happy...I'm so glad for you!

Sandy said...

I actually just started using photoshop because the other website I went to didn't do the black and white with some color in it. I love those pictures. Still getting the hang of it though. The site I love to go to is picnik, try it out. It's nice!

Chelsa said...

love your pics :)

Ashley said...

What a great job on the pictures!!! You are so good at it.