Sunday, October 18, 2009

Covered Bridge Festival

Friday I headed to the Covered Bridge Festival with my mom and Max. I haven't been in years, and was super excited about going...but when we woke up on Friday morning it was cold and rainy. That didn't stop us - we headed out early and did not run into ANY traffic at all. We decided to go to Bridgeton - and the drive was beautiful. It's this little country road and all the trees had leaves in beautiful colors. I was just so relaxed and enjoying my Fall Break so much already!

We were all bundled up, probably looked ridiculous but we didn't care! As soon as we got there we walked around for awhile (and I immediatly bought this adorable sign that will go in my house...someday, when I get one:) ha ha!! Then Max decided he wanted a ham sandwich - so we went on a ham sandwich search! We found one, and lucky for mommy there was a mini-donut stand right beside it! No kidding guys - it was heaven! I got cinn. & sugar donuts for breakfast...and savored every bite. Then went back for lunch and got powdered sugar donuts!!! I'm not kidding:) EVERYONE needs to try these!!! We found so many neat stands and bought several cool things - I had so much fun. It drizzled on us most of the day - but we were pretty warm and cozy. It was such a quaint little town and we enjoyed each other's company immensely!
Of course we couldn't come to the Covered Bridge Festival without exploring the covered bridge - Max thought it was amazing...and had to run all the way to the end and back. He has so much energy!!
Then it was time for a break - and Max decided he wanted $7.00 cheese fries! I think we ate about $3.00 worth before throwing them away:( But he looked awfully cute trying to eat them!!

What a wonderful days...with lots of bargains!! I'm such a lucky girl:)!
Max got tired of shopping...and found a place to rest.

That didn't last long, though! He soon found a place to play:) What a great day - hope everyone else had a great weekend!!


Sandy said...

Lucky Duck! I've never been but want to go SO BADLY! Looks like you all had a great time!

Tera said...

Oooh, looks like so much fun! Sometimes I think making a good day out of a rainy day is the best thing ever! :) I haven't been to the Covered Bridge Festivals forever, but when I was a kid, I would sometimes go to Bridgeton and help my aunt at her stand.

Alyssa said...

HAHA! i LOVE the picture with cheese ALL over his sleeve! & i def want that wooden rocking chair for my house (someday) too. i'm glad we both share the title "new house dreamers!"

Ashley said...

I have never been to the covered bridge festival but have heard a ton of great things about it!! One of these days I will have to go. Looks like you had a great day and ate some yummy food:) Love the cheese fries everywhere on Max. haha.

Anonymous said...

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Love, Tracee