Friday, October 23, 2009

Max has said a couple of adorable things lately...and I just had to share:)

Last night he was laying on the couch with his Uncle Clay (who has been fighting a cold). When bathtime came, I stuck him in there and we started talking. He coughed (a very fake cough, I might add) and I said "Oh my, bubb, what's wrong?"

He turned to me and said "I think Uncle Clay made me the flu!"

MADE him the flu, not gave him the flu, or made him sick, but MADE him the flu. I thought that was so cute!
Then it was time for bed and I told Max that I would like to read a book we've never read (cause I'm super tired of reading the same book OVER and OVER every night)! He agreed and we picked out a Dr. Suess book called "Mr. Brown Can Moo, Can you?" By the middle of the story, we were both laughing so hard that I was snorting (which I have a bad habit of doing when I laugh hard:) and we couldn't even read!! If you need a good, funny book to read to your kids - I definatly recommend this one!! I was making all the silly sounds in the book and Max was trying to make them all - and let me tell you it had us giggling like crazy:)

Ok - enough of the bragging mama, but I just can't help but tell you all just how ADORABLE my little man is:)

It's Friday night, and we were gonna go to the movies to see "Where the Wild Things Are," but we decided we were too tired and opted to stay home and snuggle! Hope you are all having a wonderful, relaxing weekend!!

BTW - I will finish my very first Master's class on Sunday, and I start my next one on Monday. I'm making it...but barely:) Please keep praying for me!!


sarah said...

Your little guy is super cute!! And kids say the cutest things at times:) Congrats on finishing your first Master class and I will def. keep you in my prayers. Love ya babe!!

Abby said...

I hear ya on reading the same books over and over... We have TONS of books and I swear we haven't read half of them.. well at least for a few years... I've started taking charge..:) loved your update..

Chelsa said...

max is such a cutie! i know what you mean about reading the same book over and over! i finally had to tell B i would only read different books too.

way to go on completing a class!