Friday, January 8, 2010


We are on Snow Day #2 (which coincidentally followed very close behind Christmas vacation) and Max and I are getting a little stir crazy. Ok - I'm not really, I could stay home in my PJ's everyday for the rest of my life and not be bored. But my active 4 yr. old little man has a tad bit too much energy to just sit and relax like I do:)

We've resorted to exercise. Ok - maybe not so much me, but Max and Uncle Clay have. Here is my little man demonstrating his outstanding form while doing push-ups. His mother on the other hand, literally CAN NOT do even 1. No joke. But sssshhhhh...don't tell anyone:)



Sue said...

too cute Abby! He's pretty good

Mandi Knepp said...

So reminds me of Gabe (our gabe, he he) What a cutie and I can't believe he is FOUR!

Ashley said...

I am impressed!! And Abby I know you can do atleast ONE push up?! Maybe Max needs to be your personal trainer. hehe.

Chelsa said...

what a cutie!

i'm w/ ya- i could stay home in my pj's every day and be perfectly content!

Tera said...