Saturday, July 17, 2010

New Home

Our house is coming along...Gabe told me today that our builder said we should be moving in in 2 weeks (but based on his other predictions in the past, it will probably be 3 weeks)!! Ha ha! I knew it would fall right at the time that I was going back to school - we go back on Aug. I will be going back to school, getting Max into a new routine, and moving into a brand-new house:) I'm so excited, but it will be hectic!

Gabe has been working incredibly hard to get this house just perfect. He is planing all the wood for the cathedral ceilings, then tongue and grooving each piece. Here are a few pictures of Gabe and his Grandpa working so hard in this heat:
Bob and Elisha even got in on the action:) I really appreciate everything being done to make our house a home:)!!

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Chelsa said...

i'm so excited for you! (jealous you are so close, but excited for you anyway!). that will be hectic, but you will get it all over with at once that way! new routines instead of starting one and then having to start over again!

you need to post some more pictures of the house or i need to come visit you :)

p.s. i need your mailing address!