Saturday, July 17, 2010

Wedding - July 4th, 2010

On July 4th, 2010 we had a beautiful, small, and simple wedding at the French Lick Springs Resort. I married my dream man...and my little boy even walked me down the aisle! We had such a magical day and I will never forget the excitement and happiness I felt that day. Max and I walking down the huge set of steps behind the resort:
And then we had the most precious ceremony, with a sweet old man named Bob Turner - who made the ceremony so personal and special for us!
We celebrated by having a huge brunch at the Grande Colannde (the waffles were AMAZING) and some yummy cake for dessert!
After brunch we snapped some photos -
Can you believe it - I'm now Mrs. Swartzentruber!!! I'm lovin' the sound of that:)!


Jennifer said...

I was just thinking to myself if you like that long last name until I came to the end of the looked beautiful as always abbie...max what a stinkin cute!!!

Chelsa said...

abbie swartzentruber- has a great ring to it :)

so happy for you!

max is just PRECIOUS in these pics! (you and gabe aren't too bad yourselves) hah :)

Tera said...

Oh my goodness, Abbie! You looked amazing!!! I so wish I could have been there but I love the intimate feel you had. The picture of all 3 of you on the bench is perfect!!! Love it! I really like the last one and the one of Max walking you down the steps too.