Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Our little weekend away...

This past weekend we took a little Spring Break trip to Indy, where we stayed at the Holiday Inn at the Pyramids (which has the waterpark inside). It was nice just to get away...just me, Gabe, and Max - and spoil Max a little since I feel like he's been a little abandoned thru my whole pregnancy because of me being so sick and such. So we let Max make most of the decisions...what to do each day, where to eat, etc. We ended up spending time each day at the waterpark, eating pizza and drinking pop alot, visiting the children's museum, watching two movies on a big screen at the hotel with free popcorn, and just playing at the arcade MULTIPLE times:)

We had such a great time, but I was so busy enjoying myself that I didn't take many pictures. I

did get a few that were cute, Max is in the navy blue/orange swim trunks:

I also haven't shared on here that last Wednesday we found out our little Swartzentruber baby is a GIRL! Max was hoping for a sister, so I was glad his wish came true:) We are so filled with joy about this little girl - we have been discussing names, looking at baby bedding, and my mom has been buying out all the pink outfits in any store within 30 miles:) Ha ha - we cannot wait to meet this sweet little one. I really think Max will be such an amazing big brother - can't wait to see him in action!

Speaking of Max - he informed me that although he wore his earplugs each day at the waterpark, he managed to get some water in his ears and now has a major ear infection. We are heading to the ear specialist tomorrow afternoon to see what can be done. He has had so much trouble with his ears - two sets of tubes and now holes in each ear drum (I think from the tubes falling out and the ear drum tissue not growing back together??). I just hate to see him suffer thru all these ear aches...it really is miserable for him! I'm sure the Dr. will get him all fixed up tomorrow and he will be back to his little happy self soon!


Tera said...

Glad you guys enjoyed a fun weekend away. When you told me Sunday that Max had water in his ear, I didn't realize it was pool water. :( poor kid. Hope the medicine helps quickly!!

Ashley said...

Your little trip sounded wonderful!!! Hope Max's appt. went okay b/c I know he has to feel bad. Poor guy!

And I guess I better buy some pink girl outfits for baby showers coming up before you mom gets to them. lol. G-ma's are good at doing the spoiling.

Chelsa said...

what a fun weekend! glad ya'll were able to get away and have a fun time!!

hope max's ears feel better SOON!!

can't wait to see that adorable little girl and hear her name!