Thursday, April 21, 2011

Odds and Ends

Just had some random things I wanted to record here on the blog - not much has been going on with us. Max has started pee-wee baseball practice and is really into it this year. Tee-ball last year was a little slow for him, but getting to hit off the pitching machine is so much more fun for him:) Gabe (along with his brother and his dad) are helping coach this year and everything is going really well...two practices down, and another one tonight:)

Last weekend a wonderful family friend came to visit with her two little boys, who are 4 and 5 years old. Max was in heaven having other little boys to play with! Here is a picture of all 3 boys sitting on top of my Grandma Raber's freezer (where there are still some of her yummy goodies she used to make frozen away for us to enjoy later)...
And here is a great picture that my Aunt Gina snapped of me and Grandpa Raber:

A few days ago my brother Clay (Max's "Uncle Faye) played basketball against the Harlem Wizards at the Washington gym. We had a good time sitting with my cousin Chas and her family, and I even managed to get a picture of Max and Clay - these two are the best of buddies!
Ya know how they say that children are almost honest to a fault...well, Max was brutally honest with me one day this week! ha ha! We were in the kitchen and I turned around to get something out of the fridge, when Max says from behind me "Mom, your butt is getting pretty BIG!" Oh my goodness...well, gee, thanks Max. Just what I needed to hear...he's such a stinker! Speaking of the joys of ankles have already started swelling - I'm afraid I'm in for a long summer! August just can't get here fast enough:)


Tera said...

Almost cried when I saw the picture of you with your grandpa. Very sweet. I'm sure you look great! You always do.

Chelsa said...

Love the picture of you and your grandpa!

You are still lookin' gorgeous no matter how big your butt gets I'm sure :) hehe! ohh the joys of little funny boys!

Ashley said...

I had to laugh at what Max said...never know what kids are going to say! haha. Even though we don't like it everyone's booty gets a little bigger when they are pregnant. And I love the fact you still have some treats in the freezer from your g-ma!!!