Thursday, August 18, 2011

Kindergarten stud...

My little man is becoming a big man...and on Tuesday he started Kindergarten. When he got home he said "IT WAS AWESOME!" That's what I love to hear!
His teacher's name is Mrs. Wagler and they made fruit salad on the very first day for a snack. Now that sounds like my sort of teacher:) Uncle Clay is picking him up and bringing him home each day from school while I'm on maternity leave. I can't say enough about my brother's amazing heart - he loves Max so much and has his back no matter what. Halfway thru the first day I got a text message from him that said he saw Max at lunch and everything was going great. He is just so thoughtful, so kind, and never stops giving to others. Max is super lucky to have him as an uncle!
Max's favorites at the start of Kindergarten:

Color: Orange

Food: Pizza or spaghetti

Sport: Basketball

Toy: Legos

TV show: iCarly or Phineas & Ferb

Team: Cougar Basketball

Insect: Butterfly

Book series: Bearenstein Bears

Past time: Taking a ride on the Polaris Ranger

He's growing up so fast - love you, my sweet boy!


Chelsa said...

he couldn't get any cuter!

i bet he loves having uncle clay take him and pick him up! what a nice uncle!

glad he is loving kindergarten!

Tera said...

Awww! He looks so grown up! Yes, Uncle Clay is one special guy! So great to watch their bond over the years.