Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Big 6

Today is Max's 6th birthday. It's amazing to me that this little man has been in my life for 6 years...and he has matured so much in the past year that it sometimes takes my breathe away... 

Like when he reads me a book he made at school. 
Or he helps me with his baby sister. 
When he dresses himself in the morning for school and ties his own shoes. 
And when I suggested a party for some of his closest friends and he started making a guest list on his own...with party activities listed, too:)! 

Last weekend we had a party for Max complete with Max & 5 buddies, pizza, cake, pinata, play dough for the boys to take home, a fire to make smores, and lots of rough outdoor playtime:) It was perfect for Max and by the end of the night he was tired, but not ready to admit it! He received some great gifts from his friends and everyone had a great time - with only a little mischief here and there! Here are some photos I took that night. 

                                Goofing off...silly boys!

Getting ready for pinata fun:)!!

                               The aftermath of the pinata...

                              Campfire for a chilly night!
  Everyone playing on Max's birthday present...a new swingset!!

After 3 hours of playing army and tackle football...eating until they couldn't eat anymore...and running their little legs off, it was time for everyone to go home and it was BEDTIME for us:)!! But Max had the time of his life!


Chelsa said...

what a fun party for mr. max :)

Sonya said...

Aww! Looks like they had a blast!

Ashley said...

Looked like he had a blast! I was laughing at his peace fingers! They look like a bunch of silly boys for sure.

Tera said...

How fun! Pictures like this make me long for a little boy in our family too! Can't believe Max is a 6 year old!! Seems like yesterday I was driving home in the middle of the night thinking about what a cute little bundle he was!! :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!