Monday, December 5, 2011


I'm sick. 
The stomach flu is making the rounds at our house and it's my turn to step up to the plate. 

Christmas decorating and shopping are in full swing, and I only have a few more gifts to purchase until I'm completely done! I did almost all my shopping online this year - and it was SO EASY!! I love to look and look for the perfect present for everyone I love - this time of year is just so joyful:)! Getting my nativity scene out each year is one of the most special moments - and I love talking about Jesus's birthday with Max!! Soon we will get to teach Callie all about it!

We had such a wonderful Thanksgiving with family - I have more to be thankful for then I could ever mention, but we really spent the holiday being thankful and enjoying each other and extended family. This was one of the first years that our holiday dinners were pretty spread out, so we had time to relax and enjoy each party/dinner. It was sooooo nice! 

Here are a few photos from November - I know I'm so behind on blogging so this might take awhile:)!

                                  Max and Callie

                  Callie all decked our for her first Thanksgiving
Max celebrating his birthday with the Beasley family 
(with his great-uncle Jeff & great-aunt Peg)

 Beasley babies - Me with Callie, Jessica with Dailee, and Chas is due with baby Gracie in a couple of days!!
 Callie with her cousin AunaRay Wagler (Alicia & Derek's daughter)

December is here - hope everyone is having a wonderful time getting geared up for Christmas! 


Chelsa said...

hope you feel better soon!!

i also love shopping online :)

great pictures :)

Bethany said...

oh my - callie and aunaray look like twins - too cute!

Tera said...

I can't believe how much older Max is looking! You look great. It's so nice that Callie has lots of girl cousins her age!

Ashley said...

You look GREAT! I am the same way as you....I always look and look for that perfect/special gift:) And you are feeling better by now!