Thursday, February 16, 2012

Home again...

I'm home with my two sweethearts today...Max woke up sick to his stomach and Callie had 3 shots yesterday afternoon - so I have two grumpy, yucky-feeling kiddos:( This winter has been extremely hard health-wise on seems like as soon as we get over one thing, something else hits us and we are sick again! This has been our sickliest ( I know this isn't a real word!!:) winter yet!

I'm just snuggling with my babies - but I'll leave you with a few photos!! Hope everyone else is staying healthy this week!


Tera said...

Oh my word! These are the cutest pictures ever! Love the relationship Max has with Gabe and seriously...could Callie be any cuter?! She may not sleep well but she sure has a smile that sings!!

Chelsa said...

this is what i hate about not having FB- I can't quickly type a msg to someone! lol

anyway- about the detergent- I think it will save me a ton of money! this recipe only calls for two empty milk jugs which i recycled when we were done w/ milk, 1 bar of soap, 1 C. Borax and 1 C. super washing soda, 2 gallons of water (fill up the jugs w/ tap water), i have the recipe pinned. it cost me less than 10.00 to make and it is supposed to last 576 loads (aprx). i used to spend 8-10 for detergent that lasted around 100 loads i believe... so i would say the savings is pretty great! since i've only used one week i can't tell you if those numbers of loads are close to correct, but that is what the recipe said. i got it off pinterest (it is under my board- time/money savers). it was super easy and took me less than 30 min to make!

Thanks for making me feel better about the pop! It just tastes SO good lol!