Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Bedtime talks...

One of the most precious things about my little life right now are my bedtime talks with my little man. Gabe has kind of taken over putting Callie to bed, because Max and I just need our "together" time. Most of my extra time is spent with the new little one, so I try to carve out special time to spend with Max. He is growing into such a little man...and each night I read him a book (and he has started reading to me!!), we say our bedtime prayers, and I lay down with him until I hear his breathing get slow and heavy...and quietly I tip toe out of his room. It always makes me think of one of my favorite books, Love You Forever by Robert Munsch.

Softly she sings to him:
"I'll love you forever,
I'll like you for always.
As long as I'm living,
my baby you'll be."

                                                                                           (Max at 2 yrs. old)

Last night while we laid in bed, we talked about all kinds of things...I was telling Max that we only have 8 weeks until school is over and it will be summertime! He said he didn't want to leave kindergarten...didn't want to move on to 1st grade. When I asked why he said that you get in trouble alot more in 1st grade. I asked him what he would get in trouble for, and he said talking. "Mom - if someone talks to me during class I just HAVE to answer them, I just can't help it...I could never wait until lunch or recess!"
He was also asking me all kinds of questions about our brains. "Why can't our eyes just roll the other way so we can see our brains?" Some of his questions just make me laugh so hard:)
Gabe and my dad took Max fishing yesterday afternoon, and Gabe told me that Max asked questions nonstop!! Must be the age:) I cherish every little moment I get with this little guy...because before I know it, 6 will become 16 and 16 will become 26...and I will be an old woman;)


Suheski Family said...

Abby, I am with you all the way of spending more time with our kids. I try and do that with Haileigh she is 9 and I feel like where has the time went.
They grow up way to fast!!!

Brittany Janae said...

he's so sweet:) I think the "question stage" carries over into 1st grade bc that's all I hear all day haha!

Tera said...

Yep and my Braylee is one of the littles Brittany is talking about!! ;) I just love Max and his curiosity! He is such a sweetie.

Chelsa said...

I agree the questions keep coming in 1st grade! Even if I tell Brycen I don't know the answer he continues asking why! lol

Max is so cute and I love that flashback picture ofhim at age 2! It goes so quickly!

I cherish my bedtime routine with B too! Some of the sweetest moments of the day.