Monday, March 5, 2012

New words and lost teeth...

Life is sorting itself out for us again...things are settling down and there is actual sleep being had (GASP!!) Our doctor told us we had to just get tough with Callie - let her cry and stop picking her up with every wimper. We have now gotten her on a schedule where she gets up twice - once at midnight and once at 4 to eat. It is still not ideal - but so much better then before! This mama is much happier and life around our house has lightened up a bit:)!

My sweet little girl now says "Ma Ma" on a regular basis...melts my heart EVERY.SINGLE.TIME! We are working on "Da Da..." because daddy is pretty broken hearted that she said my name first;)!

My little man has lost his 2nd tooth, now he has lost both middle bottom teeth. One is coming in already, but here he is showing it off!

I can't say enough about how blessed I am...God has placed me in each moment with my little family and I know I am right where I am supposed to be. Max has adjusted better than I could have imagined...taking on the big brother role like it's nothin:) He loves his little sister so much, and is constantly playing with her and talking to her. These two angels have been placed in my life by my heavenly Father...and he allowed me to marry their amazing dad!! I'm one lucky girl!

Max had his first kindergarten music program last month - he was so super excited and did a great job! He sang every word to every song and kept that bright smile on his face:) Here is the whole's like "Where's Waldo..." but instead "Where's Max!"

Callie loves her Papa Delbert - and is always all smiles when he's around! Here they are being silly with Gabe's hat...

This past weekend we celebrated my Beasley Grandparent's 65th wedding anniversary - we had so much fun with the whole family getting together and eating lots of yummy food! They are such a strong couple who have been through alot together...heck - surviving raising 8 kids is a feat in itself:) Here is the happy couple - and a photo with their great grandkids!

The week has started out great with a 2 hour school delay because of snow - and the snow was just gorgeous today! So pretty sitting on all the tree limbs...hopefully everyone has a good rest of the week!

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Chelsa said...

yay for sleeping!
your kiddos could not get any cuter!