Thursday, April 12, 2012

Easter 2012

The last few weekends have been all about hanging out with family - my favorite past time:)!
Last Friday night we went down to my sister-in-law's house for supper, and she had went to Evansville earlier in the day to pick up 5 kids (that she knew from working at the YMCA). These cuties were so much fun and Max was completely exhausted when he got home from playing so hard with all of them. The kids spent most of the night playing outside, jumping on the trampoline, taking golf cart rides, pestering the dog, and just plain getting dirty:) The adults and babies had fun too sitting around and catching are some photos from that evening.

  This is my niece AunaRay enjoying being snuggled by one of the little Evansville girls.
  Here is her sister holding Callie...not as happy about it as AunaRay.
  All the rowdy kids that were playing outside on the wood pile!
  Callie enjoying her time inside with the adults:)

On Saturday Max and I started out the day with donuts from the Donut Barn in Odon - they really have great homemade donuts! The only donuts that beat theirs were my Grandma Raber's homemade whole reason for being such a chunk when I was little:) The moment I got to my Grandma's house as a child, I would walk straight to the freezer and ask for donuts (she would make them and freeze them, so all we had to do when we got there was warm them up)! I miss the taste of those sweet donuts, but not nearly as much as I miss her sweet smile.

 The kids also got to ride with dad on the loader to place some huge rocks around our house (Gabe found the rocks and brought them home on the semi. Both kids loved this - and dad enjoyed it just as much:) He still dreams about making Callie a tomboy...but I have other plans:)!
 That evening was Ms. KayeLee's 1st birthday party, she is the daughter of Savilla, Gabe's cousin. It was at the Plainville park - really nice but a little chilly! Here is the birthday girl right before the cake...

   And here is an "after" photo...what a mess!
  My sweet little 1 dimpled doesn't get much cuter than this!!
     Me and AunaRay
Next (on Sunday) was Easter with Gabe's family on the Paulus side. Max had to miss it since he was at his dad's house, but we managed to get a few photos of Callie before the Easter egg hunt. She refused to put the cup down...and I knew I wouldn't get a good picture if I took it away - so here she is with a styrafoam cup!
And with some bunny friends...

We ended the weekend at my mom and dad's with the Raber side of the family. We had so much fun sitting
on their porch and later making a fire to stay warm around. Perfect ending to a perfect weekend:)

   Callie and her Papa buds!

    Max wasn't into pictures...him with Aunt Gina
     Building us a fire...
                Just sitting around visiting! Uncle Terry, Grandpa GG, and Great Uncle Joe


Ashley said...

It was such a nice week-end to enjoy time with family! I know I didn't want the days to end. Love the pictures and esp. when callie has a huge smile and puckers her nose up. hehe

Tera said...

Great pictures! I want to see the big rocks!

Chelsa said...

Great Pictures! :)