Thursday, May 3, 2012


The countdown is officially on for our summer vacation:) I just love this time of year and looking forward to things like snowcones, swimming, and tan lines! Max is in his 2nd year of pee-wee baseball and is having fun - although he will tell you that his favorite sport is still basketball. He has a small goal in the living room that he CONSTANTLY plays on...the other day I was thinking "Ahhhhh!!! If I hear that basketball bounce on the floor one more time, I'm gonna go crazy!!" But immediately I felt guilty and decided I might as well enjoy it, because one day I will miss the sound of that basketball and my little man commentating an imaginary game.

Gabe is coaching again this year, and the Odon Sawmill sponsered a team - so of course Max is proud to wear his Odon Sawmill shirt. They rode on a big semi trailer this year and I got one quick photo of them - Max is in the green sweatshirt!

Here he is sporting his uniform and having a big conversation with some buddies. I just love to watch them have these major discussions!

Of course I have some photos of my little booger-butt, too! Can't leave her out of the action! She is so rotten it's not even funny - you can see her two little front teeth she has sprouted:) ha ha! In just a few days, she will  be 9 months old already!

A few weeks ago we had our family pictures taken at Sandy Clarke Photography...Oh my, were we a sight! You know how you see family photos and think "Oh, how perfect...they must have a wonderful life and are never unhappy, etc." Well, let me just tell you - by the time we left our photo shoot I was embarrassed and frustrated and just knew she didn't get a single good photo! Moments before she starting snapping our photos I was trying to help Max blow his nose and I scratched his nose to the point that it was bleeding! Gabe was complaining about taking photos...Callie wasn't really in the mood to smile - it was just one of those days! She did manage to get a few cute photos - I have no idea how! Here we are before the photo shoot, just playing at home.

This past weekend was prom at North Daviess - and my sweet "little" cousin Janae went for the first time! I just can't tell you how much I love this girl - since the moment she was born she has been a huge part of my life and she has a heart of gold:) I am so proud of her and the faith she has in Jesus...she is beautiful both inside and out. Here she is with her cutie-pututie date, Adam!

And of course I had to stick a picture in here of her with her big brother - these two are just too funny and they are constantly making me laugh:)!

Prayers are going out to my very best friend in the whole wide world today - she is traveling home with her husband and sweet daughter from China (where they adopted her)! I am beyond excited about the joy and happiness little Brielle will be bringing to the Knepp family - they will get home tonight and I just can't wait to meet the little sweetie!!


True Love is a sweet thing said...

I got all choked up about your thought of one day missing the sound of the bouncing basketball in the house. It's just a reminder of how fast life changes. You ended up with some beautiful family pictures. I saw the 4 that were posted online! You have an adorable family!

Chelsa said...

glad to know i'm not the only mom that the sound of the ball bouncing drives crazy! i always think that same thing as well though "i'm going to miss that soon enough"! and b also commentates his own games-- crack me up!