Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Don't look too close...

Don't look too close -
or you will see the wrinkles around my eyes...a clear sign of a mother's constant worry.

Don't look too close -
you might find bits & pieces of food caked in my hair, left by tiny fingers that tend to pull and tug.

Don't look too close -
you might see my rumpled clothes and pulled back hair... whatever I was able to pull together in 3 minutes tops.

Don't look too close -
you will find dirty dishes in the sink and a layer of dust on the shelf. You will see unmade beds and the trash cans overflowing.

Don't look too close -
you will probably see all the things I so desperately try to hide.

What you won't SEE...but I can FEEL are:
* a full heart
* a sense of peace among the choas
* arms that long to hold my little ones a few moments longer in the mornings
* hopes and dreams rolling around in my head that I will NEVER give up on
* eyes that watch with wonder all the blessings around me


Boothbloggers said...

love this.. :) your babies are so cute Abbie.

Jennifer said...

Absolutely soooo true! What a perfect way to say it. Love ya girl