Saturday, January 5, 2013

"Snow" much fun:)!!

We officially survived a "blizzard" at the end of December/beginning of January in southern Indiana - and even had fun while doing it:) I LOVE getting snowed in - and we were definitely snowed in a couple of days (our driveway is pretty scary when it has snowed/or is icy)!! It was even bad enough to keep Gabe home for one day, which NEVER happens...we mostly just relaxed, watched TV, ate lots of yummy goodies left over from Christmas, and of course had to play in the snow a little. Uncle Caleb and Aunt Mallory even came to visit one day and make a snowman and have some target practice with Caleb's new gun. 


I also wanted to get some family photos in the snow - so I set my camera on a timer and we got some cute ones. My mom also came over in the middle of our photo session and snapped a few for us. I thought they turned out really great for an impromtu session!

We also got our new puppy right when all this snow fell - which makes potty training so much fun...ha ha! I've cleaned up more messes than I care to remember...from both kids and pets:) 

My family thinks I need to start potty training Callie - but I don't even know if I want to tackle that with her only being 17 months!! She has started telling me "I POOP!" and then bringing me a diaper. Today while we were at my grandpas, she told me she pooped, got a diaper, laid her blanket down to lay on while I changed her, and then went back for the wipes ( I never said a word to her about getting anything out). She is such a stinker - surprises me everyday with how clever she is.  This is Callie when her and I got hung up in our driveway in the snow one day this week - she is saying "STUCK!"

Max decided what he wanted to spend his Christmas money on - he came home one day from school wanting to order a Colt's jersey. After  browsing all the options, he decided on "Hilton," which I know nothing about, but Max can tell you the guys stats and his whole life story:) Max has a crazy, awesome memory that he uses to store all kinds of sports statistics and information. He is too smart for his own good, I tell ya - this kid is so funny!! His jersey came in the mail today, but he is at his dad's - I can't wait to see the look on his face when he sees it! I think this is the first time he has ever spent his money on anything - he usually hoards it and his piggy bank is busting at the seams!

 Max and Elisha having some fun in the snow (above).  Max wrote me this note one night and had it waiting on my pillow - oh how I love this little man (below)!!

Happy New Year, everyone:) Prayers for a blessed and joy-filled 2013!


Tera said...

Love the snow pictures! You look beautiful- esp in the close up one. Hey- if Callie is showing interest, even if you don't go full force on potty-training, now is the perfect time to get out the little potty and have her sit on it before bath, after naps, etc. I firmly believe in starting early and all of my girls were in panties before their 2nd birthdays. :) Maybe Spring Break would be a good time to train her since you'd be home for a stretch?

Ashley said...

Love the snow pictures! Not too many times we can take pictures in the snow.....and with that much:) And it sounds like Callie is almost ready or is ready to be potty trained! Little stinker knows exactly what to do! Made me laugh.