Tuesday, February 19, 2013


He is tall and pencil thin. 
His white hair and thick beard can't hide his contagious smile. 
He is the strongest man I know. His faith incredibly steadfast...never wavering or fading. 
For years I have watching him sit back 
and quietly take everything in. 
And he is truly happy when he is surrounded by his family. 
My grandpa. Grandpa GG. 
This month he turned 90. 
And last week he gave us all a big scare.
Phone calls were made and prayers were sent up. 
Our prayers were answered and a miracle unfolded right before our eyes. 

And so today I am lifting my hands in praise...visiting my Grandpa in the hospital and reveling in the miracle of life - his life. And God's amazing miracles. 

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Tera said...

So glad to hear he is ok! I know how much he means to you!