Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Our Little Spring Break Getaway

We've already had one little Spring Break get-away...can you call it a get-away if you only drive about 25 minutes or so? Well, it was a sweet little bit of relaxation for our family! We were invited to a little indoor swimming party with some of the people we love the most - and even enjoyed the IU game WHILE we swam:) Max swam his little heart out, even though he was afraid he had "forgotten" how to swim since last summer! By the end of the party, he was jumping off the diving board and zooming down the slide.

Callie on the other hand, was content to sit on the steps of the pool with her bestie and cousin, AunaRay (whose name she repeated over and over for the 25 min. drive). 
Look at her sweet little ponytail...she finally has enough hair to put it up:)

The girls even got to stay warm and cozy inside while the snow fell like crazy outside...felt so funny to swim while it looked like this outside! 
And just think...it is only TUESDAY:) We still have several days to play all morning, take long afternoon naps, and have some adventures in the evening. Happy Spring Break, everyone!!

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