Sunday, June 9, 2013


It finally feels like summer around here...this past weekend we hung out at the pond with family and friends while enjoying the sunshine! I love it and I feel my attitude changing as the sun comes out...I just feel happier and more carefree. I'm really working on CHOOSING to not enjoy the summer with my kids and stop worrying about every little thing. 
It also seems that when the sun comes out and the temperature warms up, I tend to get my camera out more as well. It's so funny to look back thru my photo albums and notice that when I am at my happiest, I get my camera out and take tons of photos. My hobby of photography is just something that puts me at ease...makes me look at life differently and relaxes my soul.

Oh these two...they melt my heart every time!!

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Brittany Janae said...

Oh my goodness- you have to frame that picture of Callie and Gabe!!! Callie will treasure that someday :)