Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Here's to...

So was a GOOD day. We went to Shakamak pool and swam all day - soaking in the sun, finally getting tans, and splashing around in the water. We snacked and talked and just had fun. Relaxed, reveled in the feeling of summertime. 

But two days ago...not so good. I literally locked myself in the bathroom for ten minutes of calm and quiet. I took a shower so I couldn't hear Max banging on the door, and Callie yelling "MOM!!" I just needed to chill, alone for ten minutes. Luckily I have a strong, patient hubby who can handle our two kiddos so I can have a little break. Even if it is ten minutes...and it is in my bathroom and not a sandy beach somewhere. He handled the kids so that when I emerged from behind the locked door...all was quiet and calm. And most of the time that is all it takes - and I am back in mama mode. Laundry and dishes and cleaning and wiping noses and kissing ouchies. But I need that 10 min. every once in awhile. 

Here's to more summer days, going to bed exhausted from the swimming and the heat. 
Here's to more ten min. breaks and breakdowns. 
Here's to popsicles and drinks from the water hose and basking in the sunshine. 
Here's to SUMMER:)

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Ashley said...

I hope to see LOTS of pictures:) Love the last picture with your shades!