Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Lazy Summer

When I look back at our summer (since it's back to real life for us soon), I realize that it has felt like a really nice, long, lazy summer. We honestly have slept in almost everyday, relaxed thru the day, did exactly what we wanted all day long, took naps, snacked all day, hung out with family and friends, played in the water...I could go on and on. 

And although I felt a nagging stressful feeling about the changes at my job, nothing could have ruined this amazing summer with my family. We even found out that Uncle Caleb and Aunt Mallory are adding to this crazy family - so Gabe & I will get to be an aunt and uncle again and Max & Callie will have a new cousin:) We are so excited and can't wait to find out if the baby will be a girl or boy!

And although I have had so much anxiety over making a move back into the classroom after 8 years of being a Title 1 teacher (small groups or 1-on-1 with struggling students) - I have jumped into getting my classroom ready. The kids and I have been there for days - trying to get everything set-up and organized. Please pray for me as we start school next week - although I LOVE the kids, this move was not my choice and I'm still struggling with it. 
But it is all in God's plan - and I will not and can not let this get me down. How could I be down - with this little miss making me smile every. single. day. (And her brother, too!!)


Ashley said...

I hope once you get into a routine at work everything will fall into place. Until then keep enjoying those lazy summers:)

Tera said...

Glad you will still be there to keep tabs on my Bray. :) Callie is seriously one of the cutest kids ever! Can't believe she is almost 2!

Kathy Kellen said...

Abbie...praying for you with the changes with your job!
Knowing you, you will embrace the new situation your students will be so blessed!
I love seeing Max and Callie growing up on your blog!
Enjoy life, my sweet friend!! Love you!!!