Tuesday, September 3, 2013

St. Louis

We don't travel often. 
I'm kind of a hermit...seriously - I would rather be home than anywhere else.  But I want my kiddos to have all kinds of different experiences, so I have to go out of my comfort zone and just suck it up! 
Gabe is the total opposite - he LOVES to go anywhere and everywhere. He always says that when we get old he wants to buy an RV and travel the world...which actually sounds like torture to me. It's so funny that we are complete opposites that found each other and fell in love. He pushes me to come out of my shell and try new things...while I try to show him the comforts of home and relaxation. 

So this past weekend we traveled to St. Louis with Gabe's family to take the kids to the zoo. We left Friday after everyone got off of work, and got to the hotel around 9 pm. The next morning we got up early and went to the zoo, to try to beat the heat...we knew it was supposed to get super hot that day. The zoo was really, really nice with lots of new experiences for the kids - and they loved it! It was very fun - if you don't count the countless restroom breaks with a potty-training toddler (Callie is officially wearing panties), the 103 degree heat, the constant sweating....and by 2 pm we were all DONE. 

After a few hours of rest, we went to an early dinner and to explore the local mall. Because of not wanting to have stomach issues during the day - I hadn't eaten all day and was out in that heat all day...let's just say that those two things didn't mix well and I got SUPER SICK...at the mall. I left the kids with Gabe and his family, and literally ran out of the mall. I thought I was either going to faint or puke...just didn't know which. I sat in the car with my face in the air conditioning until Gabe came to my rescue! We went and got me a snack, and then headed back to the hotel for me to go straight to bed. 

I felt much better the next day - and we decided to head to Grant's Farm. It is a sweet little place that has lots of animals, a little tram that you ride everywhere, and gorgeous Clydesdale horses. We spent the day exploring and eating yummy snow cones...and then headed home in the afternoon. Although we had a few snags (getting sick, seeing enough public restrooms for a lifetime, worn out kids) we really did have a great time and enjoyed spending time with Gabe's family. Our life isn't perfect...but we are perfectly blessed!!

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