Saturday, November 16, 2013

Fall Leaves & an 8th Bday Celebration!

It's been very busy around here...but we have snuck in a few moments of peacefulness here and there. The leaves this Fall have been so gorgeous and I can't help but notice the vibrant colors around our home. We took a little walk last weekend (although Max wasn't along because he was at his dad's)...and I'm so glad I grabbed my camera and snapped lots of photos along the way!

I caught Daddy and his girl enjoying apples from the apple tree and having a long conversation - these two have such an amazing can feel the love pass between them!

We also got to celebrate Max's 8th birthday with a football themed party and 8 of his closest friends! His parties have always been so long as I have food for the boys to eat and lots of drinks to keep them hydrated, they want to play outside and just do their own thing! They played basketball, flashlight tag, and football. I think they all had a great time...but you know boys, I couldn't get much out of them! Mr. Maxwell was on cloud nine...after everyone left that evening he was so exhausted and even asked to go to bed! That never happens!!

Happy Birthday, my sweet little man! 
I can't even imagine that Thanksgiving and Christmas are right around the corner. I've started shopping and have Christmas lists for everyone...this is such a joy-filled time of year!

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Ashley said...

The pictures from your walk are some of the sweetest! Not very often can you capture moments like that!