Wednesday, December 25, 2013

His message...

Can you hear it? His message to the shepherds is His message to us today. “You will find a baby lying in a manger. You will find my love where you least expect it. You will find me in the mud, in the muck, in the dirt. And in the mess of your sin and the hurt of this life, I will find you.” - Katie Davis

This Christmas - no matter how imperfect you feel,
no matter how chaotic the day was with family,
or how much sin is weighing you down…
may his LOVE envelope you wherever you are.

P.S.  (If you haven't read Katie's book "Kisses From Katie," you have to check it out! I have a copy if anyone wants to borrow it - such an inspiring story about a young girl who literally leaves her "normal" life behind for what she feels like God is calling her to. So many AMAZING insights and interpretations from a brave young woman with an incredible heart!)


Kathy Kellen said...

Love this Abbie!! Thanks for the book recommendation!
Much love to you and your family in 2014! <3

Tera said...

I'm sorry- I am so bad about keeping up with blogs lately! I love all your photos..the ones of Gabe and Callie on the log with the apples...seriously, how did you not just melt into a pile of mush?! So adorable! Looks like your Christmas started off well! Love you guys!