Monday, March 3, 2014

Feb. 2013

February flew by for us- we celebrated Valentine's Day together as a family of four and I just have to share a couple of cute pictures I got of my smallest little Valentine. 

We also welcomed a sweet baby cousin into the family last week - Caleb & Mallory had a sweet baby girl named Lexie Faith Swartzentruber. We are so in LOVE already!! I can't wait to watch all the cousins growing up together - they have so much fun together!

We even had time to squeeze in some sledding at Gabe's mom & dads. I couldn't get Max to come inside - he could have kept sledding all night long! But Callie on the other hand, did not enjoy it and cried her eyes out. I was really surprised because she usually loves the outdoors…but I guess she isn't fond of the cold!

AunaRay loved it and talked Papa Bob into taking her down the hill!

Today we are home on ANOTHER snow day - winter doesn't seem to want to end this year!! Max isn't feeling well, so we have laid around most of the day and just relaxed. I love it now, but I know I will be regretting all these days off when the weather is gorgeous & I'm stuck inside! O well - I am just trying to enjoy every moment with my two little ones:)!

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Tera said...

The two pictures of the kids individually in the snow- perfect!! Love them!! And for the photo album thing...I'm still the one printing off all the pictures and sticking them in albums. I have literally spent thousands of dollars doing it! I need to make a change too. I still do photo books of vacays or birthdays and stuff but it is just so much!