Tuesday, March 25, 2014


She is here…all around me. 
My grandma passed away a little over 3 years ago. Unexpectedly…suddenly. Punching me in the stomach, taking my breath away. 
She sends signs when I least expect them. I find hearts in funny places - her way of reminding me that she is watching. She sees me. She sees my kids.
As I'm waking in the morning & still clearing the fog from my head. 
When I decide to take a walk on a bright, clear day. Leaves all around me, but one catching my eye & forcing my heart to pound out of my chest. 

This past weekend, as I was watching my kids play on our new pad of concrete, watching them while they teased each other & giggled in the sunshine…and for some reason I glanced over to the wood pile right beside me. And there it is…a heart placed perfectly on a stump. I can almost feel her hand upon my arm…her heart bursting with love while she watches my two children play. 
And now Grandpa is beside her. Exactly where they always wanted to be. Together. And with Jesus. 


Ashley said...

Isn't it wonderful to get those signs! Lindsey always finds ways with bunnies to remind me she is still around! That is so touching.

Tera said...

I know how much they both meant to you! So thankful we have the assurance of eternity in heaven!