Saturday, May 17, 2014

May 2014

I kissed his sweet head as he bounded out the door with his father. As the door closed - I broke down in tears.   They are going on a trip tomorrow, a long trip with his father behind the wheel. No other adults are going, and my baby will be in that car for 8 long hours. I'm worried. No, worried is putting it lightly. 
My first instinct is to drive to his dad's house, grab my son, and bring him home. I've argued and anxiously thought of the what-ifs, I've fretfully paced and chewed every last fingernail down…sleep will not come easily for me tonight. 

 I know in my heart that no matter how much I worry, it is out of my control. I have to remember that God has my sweet boy in His hands…and I wouldn't want Max to be anywhere else!

It's been so long since I've blogged - time has been flying by here and I have been busier then I EVER have! Being a 5th grade teacher is draining and crazy…but so rewarding, too. And my two sweeties are   growing up so fast - Max has one more week in the 2nd grade (he jumps out of bed each morning and is excited to go to school), while Callie is as sassy as ever (always surprising me with things she says). 

Gabe works so hard every day to make sure our family has everything we need - he really is the most kind and hard-working person I know (I don't give him enough credit)!!  He has also volunteered to take care of the trees and landscaping stuff at the Odon Park - so he is often working there. We do try to  steal some moments for just our family - relaxing and enjoying the moment. 

Our summer is about to begin - I have two weeks of work left until our summer break! No big plans - we are just ready to enjoy the sunshine!!

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Kathy Kellen said...

praying that Max has a good safe trip, and for peace for you!
Love to you and the family!