Friday, March 3, 2017

Birthday Week

I'm sitting here on the first Friday night in a VERY long time that I have NO plans. And if you know me - you know this makes me very happy!! We have been super busy around here and I've completely fallen behind on my blog…which is something that doesn't make me happy at all. I love to keep this blog going in order to print it out into books for my kids to read some day. It's worked really well so far, until I became SUPER behind and stopped blogging all together. That won't make for a very good book, huh? Here is what we've been up to lately: 

Callie and her Daddy went to their 2nd Daddy/Daughter Dance. They had a great time - they ate, took pictures in the photo booth, danced, and visited with friends. Callie looked adorable in a little black & gold dress with gold high heels. She is my little fashionita and is always wanting to get dressed up - she hates the clothes I pick out and we have daily fights about what she is going to wear, already at 5 years old!

Max is in 5th grade and 11 years old now - it is so surreal that I have an 11 year old! His dad bought him a phone, so he is always on that. He has started collecting shoes - he is obsessed with cool tennis shoes. He probably has 10 pair right now…he uses all the giftcards he gets for every holiday to buy a new pair of shoes. He's even started making YouTube videos about his shoe collection. He is a great little basketball player and we have been winning tournaments each weekend. His little team is so fun to watch!

Gabe and I both celebrated our birthdays this week - Gabe turned 31 and I turned 36! He threw me a surprise party last night and I was totally shocked - all of my friends and family were there to celebrate with me! We had pizza, I got some sweet and thoughtful gifts, lots of visiting went on, and ended the night with a photo with all the ladies. What a great way to begin 36!

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Tera said...

Yay!! Love the update on your precious family!! ♥ So thankful we got to celebrate your birthday with you!